Blondes Have More Fun

I get asked a lot about my hair color, so I chatted with my stylist, Lauren, to give you the scoop on achieving this fun blonde!

A few months ago, my girlfriend entered me into a Mother’s Day Giveaway, and I won! The prize was a full color and cut with Lauren at Belle Shea salon in Fort Collins. I was so happy that I cried!

I had already started the process of going lighter with my friend, Anita, so I just took the same photos to Lauren. It took two sessions to get there, but I am an ashy blonde!

January 2018

March 2018 with Anita Crider

June 2018 - first session with Lauren

Second session in June 2018

If you are just starting to go blonde, be patient. It's a process! Find a stylist who uses good products on your hair and then follow that up with good products at home. My favorite purple shampoo is Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo.

Without further ado, here is Lauren's formula:

@Lorealpro products. Started with Multitechniques lightener with different developer volumes as I worked through the head. I used Smartbond bond builder by @lorealpro in everything to keep your hair as strong and healthy as possible through the process. I base softened with Lightening Oil and 20 volume developer with some 9BB DiaRichesse added and then toned overall with a glaze/gloss of DiaLight with 10BV and 6 volume developer. Finished with Smartbond Step 2 conditioning treatment and styled!

Summer Wardrobe Dupes

So many of you went wild on the Nordstrom anniversary sale dupes that I wanted to share my summer dupes with you!

These are the styles and trends that you've seen everywhere at a fraction of the cost. I will tell you that my very favorites all summer have been my Jack Rogers flipflops, my CharmLeaks striped swimsuit, and the SheIn bralette dupe. 

I linked all of the items on both sites, so feel free to shop and compare! Have fun!

Neiman Marcus


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes

If you're like me, you're watching bloggers all over post their favorite pieces from the amazing Nordstrom sale and you're drooling.

If you're like me, you can't or won't drop hundreds on a new fall wardrobe while you are still shoving toilet paper in your armpits after you are outside for more than 5 minutes while you sweat like a 300-lb gorilla.

So, I spent the weekend researching and I found Nordstrom dupes that will be coming to my closet! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am a lover of Amazon fashion, so my picks will be coming from Amazon. Plus, you can't beat 2-day shipping on all your impulse purchases.

I linked both options below each photo! Go shoppin'!

Share with me what you bought! Are you ready for fall? I sure am!

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