TMI update for the week

Today was my weekly check-in with the ultrasound tech to see how things are holding up. I am sooo thrilled to report that nothing has changed. I walked into that room, expecting to be told that, what little cervix I had left (6mm), was gone. I had some pretty intense contractions over the last week, and I was expecting to hear that they had obliterated the rest of my cervix. Thankfully, it's holding steady. Keeping the contractions under control the last few days & the bed rest are clearly doing something.

For those of you who don't believe me, this is what we're working with. The funnel shouldn't be there. The dotted line between the 2 plus signs is what I had the night I came into the hospital. Cut that in half & that is all I have left keeping these boys in. 

As for the boys, 2 weeks ago they were measuring 1lb 14oz and 1lb 15oz. Today, they are measuring 2lbs 10oz and 2lbs 11oz! Huge jump in growth which was great to hear after being told that a 34 week delivery is unrealistic and a more realistic date is 32 Didn't hit me when the doctor told me, but it hit me as I was sharing the news with today's hospy buddy, Maren. A curse word may or may not have been blurted out when I realized that I am 29 weeks & 2 days, and 32 weeks is quite soon.

Keep the 3 of us in your prayers. It's all happening so much sooner than I had guessed, but I'm clearly not in control. The car search has begun, the clothes are washed & hung up, and we are gearing up for 2 littles to make their debut sooner rather than later! The sooner they get here, the sooner they can use these!

Thank you, Melissa!


How to Survive Hospital Bed Rest

Encouragement chain, 34 days to go 

I'm clearly the expert on how to survive hospital bed rest with all two weeks of experience. However, Kylie is correct in saying many of the posts out there aren't terribly good. So, here's my attempt at sucking less than the other blogs.

Pull the stick out.
No one wants to be here. None of us planned on being here. We are stuck in lumpy beds with crappy hospital food and daytime television. I am bombarded with tubes, straps, pills and swabs every 3 hours. I am being watched like a hawk. But you know what helps? A good attitude. There is absolutely nothing I can do about being here. I am here for the long haul, as are a lot of these beached whales women, so I'm making the most of it.

I have really great nurses who actually enjoy coming to see me because I pulled the stick out and decided to be pleasant. The boys are the most stressful fetuses to get on the monitors, which means that my poor nurses have to sit here for at least 30 minutes before we are all hooked up & being monitored. Many have thanked me for being a trooper because they have lots of patients who are mean and get mad. Get over it! You're stuck here all day, and it's your fetus that is already creating problems and is still on the inside.

Laugh it up.
So much of this is disgusting. So disgusting. I have probably apologized to nearly every nurse that has worked with me for the disgusting things they have to do and see. "When was your last bowel movement?" has become my favorite question of the day. One of these days, I will work up the courage to say, "This morning! When was yours?" We talk about body fluids and mucus and blood and leakage. I mean, di-freaking-sgusting. The best way to deal is to just laugh about it. Make light of the gross and just roll with it. Being happy and pleasant and enjoyable to be around makes everyone happier. Be the patient that the nurses enjoy. There will always be the girl who is a crab - don't be her, because the patients talk about you and so do the nurses. Be the one who makes them laugh.

Cry it out.
For the majority of your hospital stay, be fun and enjoyable. However, if you need to have a good, hard sob, do it. Turn on Steel Magnolias and let the river flow. I was teary many nights when my friends and family would leave, but it was short-lived. Ten days into my stay, I hit my wall. Ugly crying into the phone, while my Mom tried to calm me down. It's hard to be here. It's hard to watch your family leave. And it's hard to be stuck here with no end in sight. So, it's ok to be hysterical. Just don't be the girl who lives there.

I'm sure some of the nurses think I'm nuts. My room is the most decked out on the floor. My favorite part is the banner of photos of my myself throughout the pregnancy, which I refer to as my "Narcissist Banner" every time a new nurse looks at it. I have balloons, flowers, pictures, and banners hanging on the walls to make it feel more homey. Over the top? Yes. Necessary? No. Cheerful? Yes. Worth it? Yes. You're stuck here for weeks on end - make the best of it.

Narcissist banner.

I am very lucky to be semi-close to home. Many of the women on my floor are from neighboring states and aren't as fortunate as I am to have company. I have literally had friends and/or family here every single day of my stay. When people ask me what I want or need most, my response is always company. I have people I've never even met before popping in to see me, who just want to help make my day a little more pleasant. Seeing people (for Type A extroverts, like myself) help the days not drag so slowly. Tell people what you need. They want to help. If you just want them to stop by and play Scrabble with you, tell them.

Don't be ugly.
My husband was slightly offended that he has seen me with more makeup on since I've been here than I had been wearing pre-prison sentence. My argument is that it makes me feel better. Deep.

It's true though. After beached whale society water immersion therapy, I take a shower, dry my hair, style it and put some makeup on. Is it necessary? Of course not. Does it make me feel like I'm doing something with my day? Yes. If you are schlepping around the hospital like the girl from the ring, your days will be longer and crankier. If you put a little pep in your step on purpose, you will feel better.

Hospital bed rest sucks. There is no getting around it, but like every situation in life, you have to choose to make the best of it. Make friends with your nurses because they want to like you, but they can't if you're a jerk. Try out the old lady activities that the hospital offers. You might enjoy it, and it might make you less of a crab. And if you need a visitor, I'll come sit with you. I can bring you junk food and/or Starbucks, and I will lose terribly to you if we play Scrabble. Win/win for you.

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29 weeks | 3rd Trimester

I wish I could say that I have just laid in bed, watching tv all day, and nothing has really moved along, but that's just not the case. I'm having lots & lots of contractions. When I came in 14 days ago (Thursday evening), I was contracting horribly, and it continued until the middle of Saturday. Those contractions caused me to lose 1/2 of what little cervix I had left. The medicine they had me on kept me from contracting for about a week, but then they started to pick up a little. By the weekend, I was having contractions that were about 2-3 minutes for a good part of the day. We upped my Procardia to every 3 hours instead of every 4, did an IV of fluids, and were able to get them to calm back down. For the most part, I have only had mild contractions, but nothing that sticks around or concerns any of the doctors or nurses.

So, we continue to wait. Coming here already bought me 2 extra weeks. I know that if I hadn't gone to see my doctor that afternoon, this all could have been a lot worse & I might have 2 tiny little babies, weighing less than 2 pounds a piece, in the NICU right now. Everyday that they stay in is a milestone at this point, and every doctor and nurse who comes in makes sure to tell me that. 

In the meantime, we wait. My room is stocked with chai & vanilla soy milk, pictures, decorations, Essie nail polish, and lots of movies. I have had a visitor everyday I've been here, and I'm so thankful for that. You all are making this much less painful than it could be. Some of the girls on my floor are from neighboring states and have no visitors because they are so far from home. I am truly, truly blessed. Plus, I have some really wonderful nurses who come & hang with me. This is party central on this dreary floor. 

Off to float in the pool with the other beached whales pregnant ladies in my obnoxiously bright bikini that gets eyeballed every time I waddle into the pool. It's loud & obnoxious like I am. We go together well.


How far along? 29 weeks
Babies are the size of an? Acorn Squash
Total weight gain? 23 lbs.
Maternity clothes? And hospital gowns!
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep? The nurses wake me up every 3 hours for my contraction meds, so that's a lot of fun. I'm usually able to fall asleep fairly quickly after they leave.
Miss Anything? Home with my hubs & my bubs :(
Movement? The boys are notorious in this unit for being evasive. I am monitored 3 times a day for an hour at a time, and it usually takes 30 minutes to get both of them found & on the monitor for more than a few minutes at a time. I always tell my nurses not to go far because, inevitably, they will be back in 5 minutes to readjust when one of the boys has swam away from the monitor.
Food cravings? These amazing apple slices from Target that my mom found for me. 
Belly Button In or Out? Starting to poke out!
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? A giant belly.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Hospy food.
Labor Signs? More than I had hoped for at this point. Contractions that are anywhere from 1 hour to 2 & 3 minutes apart.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Fairly happy, but I have my pity party moments when all I want to do is be home.
Looking forward to? Going home!

10 Reasons Having a Sister is the Best

I saw a similar post on another blog a few months ago, and actually felt sad: Maddie won't get to experience having a sister. However, in conjunction with that, I have no idea what it's like to have a brother, so maybe I'm the one missing out. I always figured we'd beat a brother up if we had had one, so I think it was best.

Most people don't realize that Rachel & I are sisters. She is...Barbie. I am...Elvira. She has long, blonde, beachy hair; I have jet black hair. She is tan during all 4 seasons; I am white or sunburned. She is Pollyanna; I am not. She is athletic & in shape; I am...very pregnant. My mom also gave her the easy name...I guess we know who the favorite is...

Rachel came to visit over the weekend for the shower-turned-hospital-sentence, and kept me company by bringing me Voodoo Donuts & Chai teas. Growing up, I never thought that, as adults, we'd totally dig hanging out with each other. Therefore, it led me to thinking about having a sister. And this is why I think having a sister is the best:

1. Built-in playmate. You get jipped when your parents bring home this squishy blob after being told you're getting a sibling. No, you're getting a loud blob. So, naturally, you find alternatives to play with while the blob wails. Not too long after that, the blob begins to become a little human, & suddenly, you have someone to entertain & who can entertain you. We may not have always wanted to play together, but we always had someone to play with if we wanted one. Rachel & I spent every summer outside, nearly all day long. We got along fairly well as kids, but then we hit puberty.
2. Closet swapping. Rachel & I were about the same size most of our teenage years, so we were able to share steal clothes from each other. The problem with this is that we went to a small, private school, so it was impossible to hide the fact that I had borrowed stolen one of her sweaters. This usually led to pinching & hair pulling.
3. Personal bodyguard. I know Rachel has stood up for me in certain instances, but this one was actually from me. I was a senior in high school when I was told by one of Rachel's friends that some kid had called her a whale. Enter fuming, hormonal, teenage sister. That little punk didn't see it coming. He was backed into the lockers with me in his face, politely asking him to refrain from being an ass to my sister ever again. Interestingly enough, no one ever called her a whale again.
4. Parents. Sisters are the only other people on the planet who truly know how deeply insane wonderful your parents are.
5. Friend for life...once you exit adolescence. Hate is a strong word, but there was some intense animosity during the teenage years between the two of us. Once we had safely made it out with only a few bruises and scratches, we slowly became human beings & started to like each other. I didn't think it could happen, but I genuinely like my sister these days.
6. BS Radar. You may not know this, but girls can be irrational & hormonal at times. It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, your crazy starts to show. As a teenager, I didn't talk to my sister much unless I was starting or ending a fight. Now, I talk to her nearly everyday. We call to debrief & externally process. More often than not, whatever it is that is bothering me, simply needs to be said out loud & she can quickly tell me that I'm being a crazy person.
7. Phone buddy. We don't usually have wildly amazing, new stories to share, but we still connect nearly everyday. I always have someone to talk to with Rachel even if it's about Pretty Little Liars or telling her about the weird skin thing I have on my arm.
8. Auntie status. She adores my kid. This kid can literally talk to Rachel for hours on end without taking a breath, and Rachel loves it.
9. Family. Only we know the true ins & outs of all the crazies people in our family, and only we know who the most normal is. And we aren't telling.
10. Hilarity. Maybe some sisters aren't the same, but my sister is hilarious. We laugh so hard a lot of the time. She made me laugh so hard the other night that my nurse thought I was in labor when she looked at my monitor. Granted, we do come from an obscenely, inappropriate, hilarious family, but some of our hilarity was gained by hard work on our part.

Rachel, thanks for keeping me company last weekend. I'm so glad you decided to come despite me being locked in my bachelorette pad. Love you to the moon.
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28 weeks | 3rd Trimester

We made it to a crucial point in the pregnancy: 3rd trimester! Boys are doing great and I'm no longer having contractions. The doctor will check me again on Friday to see if there are any changes to my cervix. Really hoping that taking the medicine and keeping the contractions at bay have helped to maintain what I have left.

At this point, we have no clear indication of when I will be heading home. I can't deliver up north until I am at least 34 weeks, so if I were to head home before that time, and go into labor, I'd be headed straight back down here to deliver. I'm sure my doctor up there will have a strong opinion about me staying here, which is just fine. I can gestate from here while I stare at my mountain view until it's time to head home & deliver them.


I sobbed & sobbed when I had to come down here, but it's really not bad. I've had lots of visitors to help me ease into living in this "bachelorette pad," so that has helped. Sunday my girlfriends & mother-in-law threw me a mini baby shower since we were missing the big shindig at my house. It.was.awesome. I got to wear my cute dress, which is the whole reason to have a party anyway, my room is now the most decorated & talked about room on this floor, and I got some killer prezzies for the boys and for my hospital stay. I even got to see a friend from high school! Pretty good day!

My pretty decorations that every new nurse comes to gawk at when they walk in.

It's becoming an outie.

All the lovelies who came to hang out in my bachelorette pad for my mini shower. And yay! My mom & sister came to stay for a few days to keep me from losing my mind as I transitioned to life in the hospital!

I have learned that the phrase, "It takes a village..." is true. I have never had such an outpouring of love & support among friends & family. I have to take a minute to brag on a group of friends/colleagues (that makes me sound way more important than I am, but I'll take it). I belong to a group of photographers here in Denver. All women, all photographers, all Christians. We have a place to come & vent, ask questions, share burdens & pray for each other. I know a handful of them. One of them is my soul sister. The others I know by virtue of the fact that we are in this group together. I have never been so humbled by their outpouring of love. I have messages coming in daily from women who would love to come sit & play Scrabble with me, or who have offered to bring me my favorite Starbucks drink (Grande Light Iced Soy Chai if you're taking notes for future visits). And.I.don't.even.know.them. Seriously, dudes. This is killer. I am so touched by their friendship & generosity. It all started with a pie date 2 years ago, and now I have women from all over Denver who want to help me pass the time in the hospital. Dude! (Sometimes I'm so eloquent.)

For now, I sit. Everyone who comes in, tells me, "no news is good news." It IS good news, but, as my husband pointed out the other night, I am not good at limbo, so, no news is also like nails on a chalkboard. So, I wait. I have every magazine on the racks right now, I have a ton of movies from my sister, the 2nd & 3rd book of the Divergent series to read, a mini-fridge full of Chai tea & soy milk, Cards Against Humanity, and a new bathing suit from my Mama for the beached-whale society water immersion therapy. Not the worst gig in the world.

27 week update

I can honestly say that I am stumped to be writing this blog post from a bed that is mine indefinitely. I didn't for a second think I would be one of the unlucky ones to end up in a hospital bed for the remainder of my pregnancy.

So, here's how it all started. I came down to Denver for my monthly visit with my MFM (maternal fetal medicine) doctor. He did a routine ultrasound to check the twins' growth & development, as well as to check my cervical length. At this point, I was 3.6cm, which is great. No cause for concern, and in fact, he was so pleased that he didn't think we needed to check any longer.

Fast forward to last week. I head to my appointment with my favorite doctor up in our neck of the woods, gloating about how Dr. S in Denver wasn't worried about checking me anymore. He said, "No way. We're checking." We were shocked to see the screen: I was now measuring 2.4cm with funneling (cervix opening from the inside as Baby A's head & his water are pushing down, causing it to open inside out). Dr. P looked at me & said, "Strict bed rest. Shower & potty breaks only." He also asked me to come back in Monday of this week for a Fetal Fibronectin test which can indicate whether or not you are at risk for going into preterm labor within the next 2 weeks. Guess whose test can back positive? In the middle of The Bachelor, Dr. P's name comes up on my phone and my heart sank. It's always slightly unnerving when your doctor calls you from home at 8:30pm. He was worried. If he's worried, I'm worried.

My follow-up appointment was scheduled for yesterday afternoon to check my cervical length again. I was hoping for the best, but not surprised that things could go south. After a 45-minute wait, sitting in the ultrasound room with just a sheet over my bottom half, being as loud as humanly possible with Kylie, Dr. P finally waltzes in between other patients. 

I knew something was wrong as soon as I looked at his face & then immediately to the screen. I was seeing far more space next to my cervix than there had been last week. I was now down to 1.4cm with funneling. He turns off the machine and says, "I want you to get in the car & head to Denver to Labor & Delivery right now. I'll call to let them know you are coming, but I want you to go now." After he finally left the room, I sobbed uncontrollably on Kylie's shoulder. I didn't want to go, this wasn't fair, I didn't want to leave my baby, she wouldn't understand, I didn't want to sleep without my husband for weeks on end, and I didn't want to be alone in a hospital way in Denver. We waited in one of the rooms for a final word from Dr. P. He hugged me & said he was so sorry. We waddled out to the car & headed to Denver.

I called everyone I needed to on the way down to Denver, but finally had to stop because the crying was making my contractions worse. I needed to pull it together until I was able to be checked into the hospital. 

We arrived at 7 and I wasn't done being admitted until midnight. I couldn't keep my eyes open & I needed another good weep. I had been poked and prodded for hours: 2 shots in the butt, a shot in the arm, 3 vials of blood drawn, 3 belly monitors making indentations in my belly, tracking heartbeats and contractions. I was spent. I missed my girl. I didn't want Josh to have to sleep on the uncomfortable chair across the room. This wasn't the plan. 

I finally fell asleep around 1, woke up at 2:30am with contractions that needed to be monitored for 30 minutes. Woke again at 5am with more contractions and was never able to go back to sleep. Thank God for family on the east coast who were awake and willing to text a weepy, exhausted prego. 

After mandatory water immersion therapy in what can only be described as the least sexy table cloth I have ever worn, I finally had a follow-up ultrasound. I learned that after yesterday's cervical length check, which was 14mm, my cervix had funneled further & it is currently sitting at 7mm. Dr. P flipped when he called to check on me. He said I should be hanging upside down. Such a drama queen.

So, here I sit. A chai next to me, the clickety clack of visitors texting, a little blonde girl playing with everything in the room, canvases of my lovies throughout the room, and millions of texts and messages lighting up my phone every few minutes with words of encouragement, prayers and/or jokes. Even in the midst of frustration, a sore butt cheek and sadness, little joys are surrounding my hospital room. My sister is on her way from the airport with junk food & a million Christmas movies to help us pass the time. 

Thanks for following my updates. I'll let know when I know more. Love to you all.


The Final Awkward Rose

I mean, I still have no words. I am literally stunned into silence. The most you could hear out of me last night was exaggerated gasps. What.the.hell.was.that?????

I keep trying to start this next paragraph & I just don't even know where to begin. I suppose I can start at the beginning and work from there. My phone & Facebook are blowing up with people recapping this nonsense that we were stupidly sucked into. My best description of this season was that it was like watching a train wreck - we couldn't look away, but it was painful to look straight at it.

The first mistake was not heading for the hills when they met his family. He's difficult. He's made me cry too. I think he might be ready for all of this. This, dear women, is what we call a RED FLAG! You should have run so fast your feet caught fire. He's a jerk. His family spelled it out and they just sat there. That would have been my cue to exit stage right. Go enjoy St Lucia by yourself, then head on home to find someone who is nice and doesn't make his mother cry!

Clare, dear Clare. Why didn't you run away when he opened his filthy mouth? I don't really know you & you don't really know me, but I like ________ you. For someone who blames a lot of the confusion on his lack of understanding the English language, he sure knew how to use that word properly.

Well, golly. I wish more men would say something like that to me. ARE YOU INSANE?! RUN! RUN AWAY! I liked what Sean said when he said that you could hear a collective sigh in the audience when she started to change her mind in the living room. You know you were shouting at the TV when you saw her start to move towards him again. UGH! Minus 10 points for womankind.

However, Clare, you redeemed yourself in a big, fat way when you let him have it at the final rose ceremony.

I happened to read Reality Steve's blog, like I do every season, so I knew his choice was Nikki. I wasn't surprised when we first saw Clare step out of the boat. However, I do think that most of us thought they had the best connection, she was the most enamored with this moron (the only fitting words were potty words, so I had to think to a little harder to find a PG word), and they were clearly physically attracted to each other. That he had the cajones to stand in front of her and act like he barely knew her, and that he had no intention of ever picking her was jaw-dropping. And her response was phenomenal!

Clare: This entire time, I've stuck around, because I believed in you. I saved this moment for the man of my dreams and I thought that was you. You had every opportunity to tell me how you felt. 
Pabs: Do you know how I feel? Do you know when I made my decision.
Clare: It doesn't matter to me. I lost respect for you. I thought I knew what kind of man you were. What I just went through? I would never want my children to have a father like you.

Aaaand womankind is redeemed.

Now back to Nikki. Girlfriend wanted him to say that he loved her. Well, we all know that they never say it on camera because they want the final rose to be a surprise. I'm sure that other Bachelors have said it before that time, but come on, Nikki. Pull it together. How can he legitimately say that to you when he was macking on Clare not 24 hours prior? Do you ever feel like other women make us all look bad?

So, he picks Nikki in the most unromantic, formal way. I have a ring in my pocket that I'm going to take back to the motherland and use it on another girl and I'm not going to use it. I really like you a lot. Well, gosh, Pabs. You sure know how to make a woman go weak in the knees. I like chocolate a lot. I like New Girl a lot.

Music fades in as we all sit there in silence watching this awkward train wreck finally come to an end.

I seriously need to dig out a Thesaurus in order to accurately describe how painfully awkward and uncomfortable the After The Rose episode was. I am still unsure of what I witnessed last night. Good for Clare for saying her piece and leaving it there. Although, I am sure we would have all felt better if she had taken that stiletto off and just thrown it at him.

To see Chris Harrison visibly confused, irritated and flummoxed was a first. That man had no idea how to host this train wreck. Pabs & Nikki were painful to watch. I don't even have the words. She was clearly unhappy, and he was clearly running the show. She was suddenly submissive when Pabs sat down with her. Why she didn't rip that mic off of her dress and stomp off that stage is beyond me. I have never seen anyone treat Chris with such disrespect in an interview. And he did it more than once! Good for Chris for not flipping Pabs the bird. Sean & Catherine's stunned responses were great. They got to say everything we were thinking. Although, I think there would have been more swearing coming from some of you that I have already spoken to this morning.

The show is over and my IQ has taken a serious hit. I need to watch some Discovery channel or read a dictionary to make up for all the brain cells lost on this smut. And yet, I looked at my MIL after they announced Andi as the Bachelorette, and said, "Well, I'll be bringing the twins over every Tuesday to watch!"

ABC, you knew what you were doing this season. The romantics out there wanted so badly to believe there would be a true love story, but this was not one of those seasons. However, by picking Pabs, you knew that we wouldn't be able to look away. Well, played, ABC, well played.

26 weeks | 2nd Trimester

I had an entirely different summary typed out for this week's progress report until I saw Dr. P today. I walked in the office quite cocky because I thought all was just completely fine. I even boasted that the high-risk OB wasn't concerned with checking my cervix anymore because everything looked fine and there were no signs that anything was amiss. Today, he glared at me & said, "too bad. We're checking you."

Turns out my cervix is funneling, which means that it's beginning to open from the inside out, which puts me at risk for my water breaking early/preterm labor. They hooked me up to a monitor, and I wasn't contracting, so that was positive. I'm now on strict bed rest. And.I.Am.Pissed. I am so bad at this bed rest stuff. I hate laying here, just waiting for the days to pass. I am a major Type A personality with energy to spare, so sitting on my flat butt is the last thing on the planet I want to do. YES, it's the right thing for the boys, but I want to tantrum a little about it.

Thankfully, we moved the baby shower to my house just in case something like this happened. It's also early enough that we don't have to worry that I will be in the hospital (we think). Growth scan for the boys is in 2 weeks, as well as the beginning of steroid shots to help their lungs develop in the case of them being born before 34 weeks. 

This is not the report I was expecting at all. I thought we were in the clear for any kind of preterm labor type stuff, but I was way wrong. We are in the process of looking for a car for our litter, and this has lit a fire under our butts just a little more. I was perfectly ready to put it on the back burner and wait a while. Guess that won't work.

Little model showing off her bump with Mama.

Contraction monitor at Dr. P's office.

How far along? 26 weeks (measuring 32 weeks)
Babies are the size of a? Head of Lettuce
Total weight gain? 23 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Obviously.
Stretch marks? Still none. Hopefully, they stay away.
Sleep? Pretty good this week. Getting up to pee 4x a night doesn't help, but I've been passed out cold lately. It helps that Maddie is in the mode of sleeping til 9:30 & 10:00am. #parentingwin
Miss Anything? Deli meat
Movement? Yep!
Food cravings? Sweets!
Belly Button In or Out? In, but getting pushed out more & more.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Same as always.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.
Labor Signs? Some BH contractions, but very mild and inconsistent. Funneling cervix :/
Happy or Moody most of the time? It's moment to moment at this point. 
Looking forward to? My shower!
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