A Fiesta for Twins

We officially have three-year-old twins! It's crazy how it can seem like we just brought them home, but also like we've had them forever. This year was one of my favorites because we have so many friends with little ones who got to come and play with the boys for the afternoon. You know they're all in heaven when they are squealing and giggling for three solid hours.

As many of you know, I love me a good theme party. I need a goal to work towards, so I pick a theme and run. I lucked out with year with Fiesta + Cinco De Mayo! Plus, what is better to eat or cheaper than chips & salsa? PartyCity was our main party outfitter this year, and you should have heard the squeals between Maddie and I when we started throwing party decor into our cart! It was so fun!

Unlike before, I was way behind the 8-ball in planning this fiesta because #life. I had fully planned on phoning this party in, but a quick pep talk from my girlfriend and I had a complete tablescape planned, complete with cactus cupcakes! My dear friend, Chele, came over early with Starbucks and set to work on making these darling cupcakes for my boys! They look intricate, but a quick look on Pinterest proved that they are really quite easy. You can check out a simple walk through here!

And this banner. This was the inpsiration for it all! You guys know how I love womenpreneurs and when I found The Glitzy Craft, I knew immediately that I wanted to have a fiesta for the boys! The entire banner inspired their party!

The mustaches didn't necessarily go with the fiesta, but they are next to the fiesta section in Party City, so we went with it. Turned out to be a huge hit!

This girl. She is such a beauty inside and out, and was so excited to celebrate her brothers' this year! And yes, that dress is the best thing ever. Many of you have asked where I found it - Etsy! Always! More on her darling dress and how to snag one from Sonoran Sewing later this week!

Sophisticated, serious friends are must-have.

This year, they got the present thing. Not like, they acquired presents. Like, they totally oohed and ahhed over every bag, every present, every piece of tissue paper. It was such a riot watching these big boys get excited about trucks and water guns and Lincoln logs and everything in between. Watching their excitement is why I celebrate them every year. Their lives are so special and magical, and celebrating them is just the most fun because of their joy.

We cannot thanks our friends and family enough for coming to celebrate our boys! They are insane and wild and smelly and sweet and giggly and gross, and having you here to celebrate all that they are just made the day!

A huge thank you to The Glitzy Craft and Sonoran Sewing for being a part of our day and inspiring such a fun party!

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