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We're a hat family. Ball caps, beanies, lumberjacky furry hats. We love them. I have had the hardest time finding amazing trucker hats for my kids! Enter: HarperLoveLittles. These hats are adorable! 


Tawni put a new twist on an old favorite: soft, darling fabric to make a unique look. The hats are comfortable, true-to-size, and I want every single one for my kidlets. If you know us, we have turned into a bit of an outdoorsy family, so these two hats could not fit these kiddos any better.

As if she wasn't cool enough, Tawni left the fashion industry to raise her little ones, but couldn't stay away and now runs this great Etsy shop!

Sometimes he doesn't like to model when he's cold. I can't imagine why.

You're in love with these hats, I know. Now go buy out the shop for all the littles in your life who need more Christmas gifts! This month, Tawni is offering a discount on shipping with the code: christmascheer. Follow HarperLoveLittles on Instagram for monthly coupon codes and promotions!

Thank you, Tawni, for letting my kids rock these ADORABLE hats! We love your shop so much!

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