This Is Us Recap | Week 1

If you were not among the millions of women sobbing on their couches, clutching their glass of wine last Tuesday, then you really can't be trusted as a human being. There is, literally, nothing that could have been as important as watching this show and getting sucked into all the feels.

We miss Parenthood, ok? I said it. I wasn't on board for a long time, but when I got on board, I realized what I had been missing. I will stop here to grovel to my best friend: Kylie, you were right about camping, Justin Bieber, & Parenthood. Forgive me.

This Is Us has the potential to unbreak our hearts after saying goodbye last year, while simultaneously breaking our hearts with all of the feels wrapped up in 60 minutes. Join me, if you will, in being a basic white girl, lounging in her yoga pants with a glass of wine, sobbing HYSTERICALLY as this beautiful couple raise trips (one of which was a rescue), a son meets his dying father, and the funniest damn chubby girl falls in love.

Could Mandy Moore (Rebecca) be any cuter pregnant with triplets? No. She could not. She's, also, not actually pregnant, so there's that. Her doting, sexy AF husband, Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), shines in roll as new dad, as he faces the reality of losing one of the babies during childbirth, but turns around and adopts this darling baby boy who was abandoned. Like, I can't with all the feels.

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Justin Hartley (Kevin), The Manny, realizes he's a has-been-beefcake. We ain't mad when you take your shirt off, buddy. He throws a fit, quits his job mid-scene, and heads to his sissy's house to drink his woes away on their birthday. Thirty-sixth birthday to be exact.

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WAIT. STOP RIGHT HERE. I was wiki-ing (it's a word) names. WAIT. HOLD THE EFFING PHONE. According to Wikipedia, Kevin, Kate, & Randall ARE the triplets. WERE WE TOLD THIS BIT OF INFORMATION?! Am I losing my mind?


Anyway, Chrissy Metz (Kate) is going to be my favorite character/storyline. I'm a sucker for a funny chubby girl. Can't help it. They just are THE best. At OA, she meets a charming chubby guy and they hit it off. Adorable. Amazing. This is going to be my favorite.

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And Sterling K. Brown (Randall). Dad abandoned him 36 years ago at a fire station. Turns out, Daddy-O is dying, but you aren't really surprised because he looks rode hard & put away wet.

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Are you totally sucked in? Yeah, me too. If you aren't, I really question the longevity of our friendship. Talk to me. Did you get the triplets thing about the grown-ups? Freaking Wiki.

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