Cuddle Creations Inc.

Our jam is snuggling. If there was one word to describe our family dynamic, it would be snuggling. Our days start and end with snuggling. Throw in books and the coziest blanket? We won't move for hours.

When I found Elena's shop, Cuddle Creations, Inc. on Etsy, I was immediately drawn to her lifelong passion to create, as well as the chunky blankets that were just calling my name. Run, don't walk, to her Instagram because all the heart eyes.

Based out of Utah (holla at my oily friends), Cuddle Creations, Inc. was established last year with a high-quality yarn and a desire to create.

As a little girl, I always enjoyed making things with my hands. From cross-stitching to bracelet making, I was constantly creating something. Mid-2016 I stumbled across the chunky wool blankets everyone was posting online about. I found a high-quality acrylic yarn that worked just as well, but isn't quite so expensive and heavy as the wool. I learned how to arm-knit a blanket for myself and quickly had interest from friends and family. Soon after, I took part in a local market and word spread about my business. With Christmas coming up, I figured this was the perfect time to create my Etsy shop and focus on my business. 

Our most favorite memories are created right at home when we are snuggled up together, talking, reading books, laughing, or watching cartoons. The kids all want to be under this cuddly blanket now when we snuggle up together. Thank you, Elena, for such a beautiful addition to our decor, and a perfect cuddle blanket.

Stay up-to-date on new creations, new colors, and pretty images that will make you want to curl up in a ball with a good book on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook!

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