Jax & Jett's Adventure Bedroom

Our original plan to separate the boys when we moved was derailed. Jett needs his brudder with him at night, but that meant a toy room! When I was trying to decide what I wanted for the boys' room, I knew I wanted: 1. simple and 2. dude stuff.

These arrows are what started me on the adventure trail! I snatched up these arrows for my two little arrows from Hollybee & Company, and started collecting other things that would fit in with their room.

You know I love momtrepreneurs, and Debbie is no exception.

I am a mother of two amazing boys, ages 20 and 16, and like all mothers feel, they are the light of my life. I have a pretty amazing husband as well. Oh, and a beautiful daughter-in-law too.

We moved from Utah to Wyoming 5 years ago. I left behind my family, my new home, and a thriving hair salon business. I found myself extremely lost with that move. I felt I had lost myself and had know idea who I really was without my hair salon. I started refinishing furniture just to pass the time. Then I decided to start posting it on Facebook, and it evolved from there. I teach Annie Sloan paint classes at a little home d├ęcor and floral shop here in Lyman, Jane&Main. That has been a fun adventure and something I find great joy in. Last March, I decided to open my Etsy store. I remembering being so excited when I had 5 sales, and now, I am getting over one hundred. It's fun to always be creating, and I think it is important to our overall well-being. We are creative beings, and all have talents. I am lucky I get to share mine with others.

My other passion is Yoga. I own a Yoga studio here as well. The two have gone hand-in-hand with helping me find who I am and what I really enjoy. My Etsy store and painting are like meditation to me. I get a paint brush in my hand or start creating something for my shop, and I become completely lost in creation. It keeps my mind clear and my life on a high. I love it!. My yoga teaching has taught me how important talents and hobbies are in living a more fulfilled life. I feel so blessed, and have managed to attract and meet some amazing people. Yoga is my go-to, and I believe my Etsy store would not be as successful as it is if Yoga would not have found me. I have been teaching now for two years, and will continue my journey. It's a wild ride of learning and growth and making beautiful connection, and I am glad you are one those connections.

The arrows that started the inspiration for their entire room!

I tell everyone, but I, literally, keep that diffuser full of Purification essential oil because boys constantly smell disgusting.

Blurry and out of focus, but omg. They are to die for.

Need to buy it all? I got you covered.
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