We love to PLEY

If you have a little girl, you need a Disney Princess monthly box delivered to your house. Wouldn't you have killed for one as a kid? This is Maddie's newest obsession.

The exact moment she opened her box to see what was inside was the best! All she knew was that she had a pink box delivered to HER. That was enough to blow her mind!

Who is Pley?

We are Santa’s little helpers and love to see your child smile. We curate a monthly box of activities, stories and goodies that makes kids (…and their parents) happy.

With a mission statement like that, you cannot go wrong.

What's in a PLEY box? Well, you have some options. For the princess in your life, I highly recommend the Disney Princess box because each mystery box tells a story and includes 4-8 Princess figurines, accessories & goodies to keep. The National Geographic box is a monthly mission that explores our planet. Each box includes activities, toys & accessories including educational digital games. Either way, you can't go wrong! Oh, and then, you have a rental option called Pley Toy Library where you can rent the best toys from a library of 500+ educational toys. Select, Play and Return.

In our Belle box, we got all of the Beauty & The Beast characters, a tiara, Belle shirt, and the box turns into a castle that you can pop together, and your littles can color! She was pumped!

We love Pley because of the wonder and the sheer joy that we get with each box. It's such a fun way to surprise your little ones every two months with a surprise box! Stay up-to-date with the newest boxes by following Pley on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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