Rockabye Rockers

With adventurous and wild twin boys in the house, we are always on the hunt for toys that they will love and that will last. We are also a musical family, so a dragon and a moose that play music? Where do I sign up? Rockabye rockers have been one of our favorite additions to our toy collection. Quality, design, customization, fast shipping. Everything that moms are looking for for their little ones.

These rockers go room-to-room because the boys love them so much. We rock while we watch TV, we rock while we play, we rock our superheroes on them, and we rock when we're supposed to be sleeping. They are squishy, comfy, so cute, and beautifully made. Plus, there's no mistaking which rocker belongs to which twin because they are beautifully engraved with their names. We cannot sing Rockabye rockers praises enough.

The other thing that I love about these rockers is that feeling of nostalgia. Granted, I didn't have a plush, cozy customized animal and engraved name on mine, but I will never forget my first rocking horse. I loved it, and I am so glad that my boys have rockers that they can use and remember. And heck, how amazing would it be for them to keep these and pass them on to their kids?

If you are in need of fun, well-made rockers for your little ones, then, you need to head to Rockabye and search for the perfect one. You can follow Rockabye on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on new arrivals and sales.

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