I Mustache You a Question About Jesus | A Birthday Post

You know the kind of friend who can make you laugh until you pee? Well, you're a weirdo if you don't. And we need to get you a friend who can make you snort & pee all in the same breath. For me, that's Kylie. And now Evka. Say it with me: EV-KA. Simple. And yet, people don't get it. Today was a girly celebration of Kylie, complete with beers, burgers, presents, pedicures, and then we topped off the calorie-fest with pumpkin spice lattes, y'all. Kylie came into my life nearly 3 years ago. In fact, I met her through a friend of a friend during Christmas when I first started photography. I was absolutely TERRIBLE, but this bubbly, hyper wacko thought I was good enough to take photos of she & her husband, and their amazing Labradoodle, Monty. Bless her trusting heart for hiring me. It was bad. You guys know. You saw it. Vignettes & over-processing. It was like my 80's decade of photography.

I digress. A couple of years ago, I was a chubby, sad, lonely housewife with not many friends. Girlfriends are hard to come by as an adult. They either already have friends, only want to spend all their spare time with their husbands, or are catty beaches. I'm not saying that there are only 3 absolute categories, but it's where I was. I, literally, prayed for a best friend for years. Someone who was a great friend, got my sarcasm & could be just as obnoxious back to me, and who was genuinely an insanely good person. Insert Kylie. She was newly-moved here from Altoona, PA, and was living with her fiancé (GASP!) & their Labradude. We clicked immediately.

Fast forward a 18 months, she meets Evka. E & I both worked with her on her wedding - photography & event planning. We should start a business... Anyway, then I did E's photos when she was round & prego. And as soon as I was done shooting, I called Kylie & said, "WE HAVE TO INVITE EVKA OUT FOR DRINKS! I LOVE HER!" And she was in. She fit immediately.

Fast forward again. I am sitting in the back of Evka's SUV, having known her for about 3 months, sobbing & embarrassed, admitting to she & Kylie that, for the past month, I have been a recluse, hiding out in my house because I am so filled with fear & anxiety that I can hardly breathe. I expected judgment, confusion, silence. Instead, I got tears, kind words, and hand-holding. And I was blown away. All those nights that I told God how lonely I was & how sad I was that I was missing out, He was smiling down on me, blessing me with outrageously amazing friends who just wanted to sit with me & help me. These girls mean the world to me. And I will mess up your face if you talk smack about them. Just kidding. We talk smack about each other the time.

If you're lucky enough to know these girls, be honored & blessed. They are amazing, funny, kind, caring, loving, stupid, hilarious, obnoxious, loud (well, not E), obscene, and absolutely, frickin' incredible. I apologize for blowing up your Instagram & Facebook feeds today, but I was #liveinstagramming. #getoverit.

The last image is a gift from E. These girls are the ones I text in our very private, very obscene/stupid/annoying/weird group text we have going at all times during the day. They know my heart's desire, how it hasn't come true yet, & are there to tell me "that sucks, but put your big girl panties on & shut it!" #truefriends


  1. this post made me cry and laugh. i love how much we love each other, care about each other and celebrate each other. we finally have our "kelle group" and it makes my heart jump for joy. a few comments:
    1. My mid ring is totally awesome.
    2. I definitely want to start a business with the two of you.
    3. Glad you captured a photo of the nail polish pre-shatter.
    4. We will always be there to support you. ALWAYS. Now lets just pray you get flo on Saturday.
    5. Monty loves being referred to at Laradude. I'll be sure to share with him.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Again, thank you both for being so thoughtful today. I had the greatest day. E, you're up next.

  2. My heart is full tonight. That was so much fun.
    (To by like Kylie)Here are my points:
    1.Thanks for calling out the nail polish incident. Did we get charged extra?
    2. We should have taken an artsy picture of that!
    3."Forever 21, or 16, but always 25" Depending on what is going on at that moment.
    4. "Train" came on as I left you two driving down the hwy. I turned it up real loud and sang (off key) capping off our birthday extravaganza. I did not text - because I was driving.
    5. Because I love 5s and 10s, what did Scott post that you had to remove? Scandalous.
    I am looking forward to the next birthday celebration and not just because it is for me :) xoxo E


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