Revamp + a Giveaway

It's September 1st, and there is a bubbly girl bouncing around this house, lighting pumpkin candles, putting on the warm fuzzy socks, and snuggling up in cozy blankets. It's me! I'm the bubbly girl! It's like Christmas, really. I love fall. That's an understatement.

Anyway, welcome! I'm pretty pumped about the new look around here. I spent the better part of yesterday working in Photoshop & learning to use html code. #mancard Look around, grab the button & tell people you're a follower of this little blog! We hit 15,000 views & that number goes up every single day!

With that said, it's time for a giveaway! Tell your friends about this here blog, then comment on this post. One comment will be randomly selected ( & you could be the lucky winner of these darling Antiqued Brass Filigree Leaves Earrings | Autumn Leaves Collection by Merelani Designs!

Happy September 1st! It's beginning to look a lot like fall!



  1. Oh Andrea, you know I share your blog! Love you dear! And the earrings are beautiful.

  2. I love your blog! I'm excited for fall now!!!

  3. Yay for fall! We get to fall into a new season of our lives by making the trek down and out to Colorado. Excited, nervous, and scared. Loving it!

  4. great blog! his is a great post to "kick start" Autumn! [we are looking forward to our photoshoot with you in a few weeks!]

  5. Love the new look of your blog! I am going to decorate for fall today, I am so excited...even if it is 90 degrees out right now!


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