Q&A Wednesday

I'm trying to find new & different things to do here, so I decided to try Q&A Wednesdays! Ask me questions IN THE COMMENTS section, and I will answer them tomorrow!! Ask me anything!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. If you weren't married & a Momma to a sweet girl.. what would your life be like... obviously this is a guess.. so dream big & tell me what you think it would be. :)

  2. What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? Something that you never thought you could do but did.

  3. What was your defining moment when you knew that you wanted to do photography? :)

  4. Hello,
    you may want to check out this page..they make one of a kind jewelry often using your babies and angel babies foot/hand print. They also just started an allergy/medical line just in time for the school to start , just one more way to make the school staff aware of your child’s allergy or medical issue. They make wonderful Paw prints from any pets you may have. Plus they do fundraising for schools. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=131672397028998&set=a.119946711534900.1073741828.119287218267516&type=1&theater


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