Twinkies | 4 months

It's hard to believe that just 4 months ago, I was being sliced open at this very second. I never knew how much I would enjoy having boys, but they are seriously amazing. They are smiley (mostly), cuddly, and so sweet.

Jax is the happiest baby in the world. The only thing that gets this kid down is the farts. 

Jett is the serious one. When he's happy, he's giddy. When he's upset, it's the end of the world.

I adore them both. They make me crazy, happy, annoyed, & all the feelings. 

Life is calmer now. Well, no, I lied. If you asked my husband, he would say that life is loud. It is definitely louder here these days, but that's ok. I'm loud, so it's fitting. They're both cutting teeth, so Jax gnaws on his hands & Jett just screams at me. It's like a party around here.

I'm already looking forward to the first holidays with these boys. I'm about 99% sure the 3 of them will be BEES & their Auntie KyKy will go to the Fall Fest with us dressed in her BEE COSTUME. Yep. It's September, which means it's almost Halloween, which means it's almost Thanksgiving, which means Christmas is almost here! Christmas with these 3 will be chaotic, but awesome. We're about to enter the stage of life where all toys make noise. #killme

Send quiet toys. OH! And another thing. The next person who sends my daughter stickers gets the axe. #deadtome

Happy rainy Tuesday!

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