Time for a Giveaway!

Welcome to the first oily blogHOP!
We are so excited to have you here.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for little bottles of lemon as you read through the blog posts. At the end tally them up and you can enter a fun giveaway to win the Gentle Babies book by Debra Raybern, a total must have for Mom's with little ones.

If you have gone the whole way around the blog and found your way back here, go to http://www.theoilycrunchymama.com/blog/2014/8/28/lets-talk-allergies to enter the number of lemon bottles you counted on the whole blogHOP.

Entries will be accepted until 9AM (PST) on 8/29 winner will be selected at random on Sept 1st!

For today & tomorrow only, if you order your PREMIUM STARTER KIT from me, you will be entered to win this cute little USB diffuser! (This giveaway is my personal giveaway. That means that are 2 separate promos going on.)

For instructions on signing up & purchasing your PREMIUM STARTER KIT, check out THIS BLOG POST & follow the instructions to get started. Once your order has processed, you will be entered in this fun little giveaway!

To continue on the blogHOP, visit my friend over at (http://kateheadley.weebly.com/essential-oils/back-to-school-essentials/) and keep your eyes peeled for the little bottles of lemon!

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