New Year, New Bach

Dear friends,

It has been many months since my fingers have flown across the keyboard to share my sarcasm with you. Only one thing can bring me back to my roots: The Bachelor. Quite possibly my favorite bach of all time will be gracing our televisions starting next week. Unfortunately, Chris is going to wind up meeting psychotic beeches, catty beeches, DUMBER THAN ROCKS beeches, and everything in between. Dear Chris deserves a precious country girl who rocks some cowboy boots, Daisy Dukes & a plaid button up, and has a heart of gold. Ok ok, I'm describing myself (minus the 'Dukes because #cellulite because #kids and #donuts), but unfortunately for Chris, I am married. 

Life has been crazy for our tribe, but I am happy to be back blogging & being obnoxious for the 9485739 season of The Bachelor. As a fun activity, I will be doing a Bachelor Bracket for TRC readers. If you want to participate, email me at or post your stats in the comments below. 

Go to to meet the weirdos who have been chosen for this season. And watch for week 1's recap next week right here! Happy Bach-ing!

Miss Sarcasm.

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