Friday Favorite | Urban Earth Co.

When I think of my boys, I think of adventures. I think of exploring, wandering, hiking, climbing - you know, all the boy stuff. These tees could not fit their personalities better. They ARE my wildest, greatest adventure.

Urban Earth Co. is a darling Etsy shop with a purpose. You guys know I love small businesses with a purpose! The "shop was inspired by the Asthma Awareness design. Lauren, the shop owner and designer, originally made this design to give proceeds to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation. Her son has always had an on going battle with asthma and allergies and has experienced many severe attacks. After seeing her son struggle, she decided to create something that might even make the smallest difference. Her passion and desire to design didn't stop there, and she realized she could turn her passions into something amazing by giving 20 percent proceeds from every product to various foundations and charities."

So, you can feel good about your purchase with Urban Earth Co. because you know that 20% of your purchase will go to charities who are funded by our donations.

Lauren is offering a THIRTY PERCENT OFF all purchases for Black Friday! Be sure and check out my Holiday Shopping Guide coming Monday with your promo code!

Thank you, Lauren, for letting my boys model your tees and for letting me brag on you! Follow Urban Earth Co. on Instagram for deals & giveaways!

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