Why We Oil

I joined the oily life over a year ago. I liked essential oils, I wanted the benefits of using oils without the harsh side effects. I didn't commit, life went on. I dutifully placed my order each month and created a lovely little stash.

Two months ago, I was cleaning the bath tub with Comet. The kids needed a bath, but I didn't want to put them in the tub full of bleach residue. I grabbed my Thieves cleaner, let it soak and wiped it clean. Why was I bothering with the bleach? I didn't want to soak in it. I sure as hell didn't want my kids soaking in it. 

KidScents oils designed just for the littles.

Diluted Lavender for the babes' ouchies.

I walked out of the bathroom, pulled out the oils, and started mixing.

Daily roller bottles pre-diluted and ready to go.

Shortly thereafter, the kids started getting sick. I hadn't been using oils on them. I woke up one morning with sore tonsils and knew it was about to hit me. I grabbed my Super C and the Thieves, and dabbed a drop on each tonsil. Two hours later, my tonsils were fine. Why hadn't I been doing this all along?

Because it's almost Christmas & these smells help get me in the mood for all things Christmas.

On top of all that amazingness, my team is a bunch of rockstars. If you want in on a healthier way of life + some money to spend on more oils, you can grab your Premium Starter Kit HERE and I'll send you $20 as a THANK YOU.

 What's in my purse? Lots of crap, but definitely these two oils.

When you need to feel amorous and then you need to sleep.

If you want more information about what's in the kit, what essential oils are all about, and what signing up means, email me at andrearosenbohm@gmail.com. 

I would love to have you on my team!

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