Valentine's Day Haul

Oh, shit. It's February 2nd and you just realized you only have twelve days left to get the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

Here is your one-stop for the family. These are all some of my favorite businesses I have had the pleasure of working with, with the exception of the pink champs, and I think you'll love them for your loved ones too.

I have your man covered with a gorgeous Jord Wood watch, Young Living's Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream, and Beardology Beard Oil.

Growing up, my parents got us Valentine's Day gifts every single year - Mom got us something girly, and Dad always brought us roses. I carried that tradition on to my kids and always get them a little something. These are just a few of our favorite places to shop for our little ones. The Brushies is our new favorite way to brush the boys' teeth. Who doesn't want to brush their teeth with a finger puppet toothbrush? We buy nearly all our hats and beanies from Lahi Design, our newest fave cane be seen on the cutest nephew in the entire world. My favorite stroller is a big splurge, but well worth it. Cosatto has the most user-friendly, comfy strollers known to man. They should really consider an adult-sized version. And finally, BookRoo. Our kids love to read, and this subscription box is a great way to get new books in the house.

And finally, you can either treat yo'self or send this to your hubby for ideas. Some of my favorite things are on this list!

Seaport Stitches diaper bag for all your mom needs. It'll be full of stuff that isn't for you, but you'll look good wearing it.

If you haven't invested in good sheets, then you need to check out Cariloha Bamboo sheets. The softest sheets I have ever slept on, they won't yellow or gray over time, and they are naturally stronger than cotton.

Barefoot Pink Moscato Champagne because yum.

My favorite way to pamper my hair: Mermaid Spray. I spray this stuff on my hair every night and watch my hair get stronger and longer.

And finally, treat yourself to clothes and accessories from some of my favorite girl boss boutiques. Check out Magnolia Tree Designs, Blush Boutique Co., and She Is Boutique for the latest trends and fashions! Tell them I sent you! ;)

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