My 5-Minute Face with Savvy Minerals

I have absolutely no training in applying make-up other than watching these fantastic YouTubers basically create magic on their faces. I love make-up because it makes me look less troll-like, and feeling pretty just makes you feel better all around.

You may have heard that Young Living now sells Savvy Minerals make-up. Likely, you were able to hear an entire stadium of rabid women in Salt Lake City when it was announced. I'm not going to say that I got teary, but I'm not going to say I didn't. When you love a company and they listen to your number need, you get a little soft.

Why we freaked out: a group of crunchy women, swapping out chemicals, toxins, and the things we can't pronounce is a big deal to us. Your skin is your largest organ and all kinds of junk seeps into those nasty pores, getting into your blood stream in something like 6 seconds. If I'm going to destroy my organs, it will be with pink bubbly #thankyouverymuch.

Without further ado, here is my spread. I'll post the entire line at the end for you all, but this is what I use on a daily basis.
Young Living's Savvy Minerals is my favorite! No talc, parabens, bismuth, cruelty, or gluten.

Foundation: Cool No. 2
All over powder: Crowned All Over
Contour: Summer Loved Bronzer
Blush: Smashing
Highlight: Veil
Brows & eyeliner: Multitasker
Brow bone eye shadow: Wanderlust
Lid shadow: Crushin'
Lips: Abundant Lip Gloss
Mascara: OTC

It sounds like a lot and like I'm high-maintenance, but it's a fast application as you will see in the video below!

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