22 months & 29 days

When I went to start this post, I thought that I had a 23 month old little girl. That's tomorrow. Duh.

So, today, I have a 22 month & 29 day old little girl. That makes less of a statement, don't it? Today I have an almost 23 month old kid. She's so goofy & silly & sweet all rolled into one cute, little, 24 pound, blonde package. I might add that I turned around just now after hearing a disgusting slurping sound to said blonde girl rubbing yogurt all over her face & asking for "fwies." Be jealous.

I write today because something that I wait for every year has happened yet again. This beaut is on it's way:

I can't wait to get into this book! I spend an entire year working on these books, & to have them completed, to have her year summed up, written up, & photoed up in one perfect little 8x8 book...well, it just tickles this mama's heart to no end. The final pages have been completed, the final proofing has been done, & that bright orange package will be in my hands early next week. 

Here are a few more pages that were just added. Enjoy!

Obviously, I have some OCD when it comes to these books. Hi, my name is Andrea & I have OCD about photo books. "Hiiiii, Andrea." Shutterfly makes it so easy to create these darling photo books. Go make some for your kiddos. You will be so happy you have them. They take no time at all when you use their standard path. Go create!

It's the good-photo-book-life today!

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