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So, - Mrs. Burnworth would beat me if she knew I started half of my sentences with so - she clearly taught me nothing. SO, if you are not on Instagram, you probably don't know much of what I am about to tell you. Full disclosure? There is much ado about poop in this entry. Turn back now if you need to. Also, this is not my most eloquent post - forgive me. I am clearly off my game.

For over a month now, we have been dealing with intestinal issues with Maddie. It started with 4-5 days of diarrhea which I figured was a bug, but after day 6, we went to the dr. We did Pedialyte for 3 days, went back to milk & juice, & the diarrhea came back. We did Pedialyte for 6-7 days days, back to milk & juice & the diarrhea came back. So, we went back to the dr & he asked me to get a stool sample. So, of course, she has no more diarrhea for about 10-12 days, so I figure we're good. I swear kids suddenly get better the second they sense that you need a sample or whatever it may be from them. 

WELL, then, last Sunday, she had a fever & appeared to be constipated. She was grunting, kind of cramping up, then squeezed out some rabbit turds. The next day, she had a GIANT poop in the TUB, so I figured it had passed. Well, that night she has a fever of 102.7 again. We decide that with the month's history, we needed to go to ER. Keep in mind, this whole time she is cranky & irritable. She has moments of being my sweet girl, but she obviously doesn't feel good & she's acting like it. So, they poke & prod her for 5 hours , do a chest X-ray (clean) & a catheter test (clean), they determine it's a virus & give her a shot of antibiotics for the "virus."

They tell us to follow up with our dr within 1-2 days, so we see her the next morning where she says the same - probably a virus. We go home.

The very next day (July 4th), she has diarrhea which I promptly FINALLY collect & take to the lab. She then has 4 more small diapers of diarrhea that day, but none since - back to pedialyte. Now, I'm pissed. Throughout this whole month, she's hardly eaten anything. She lost a pound in 10 days after we took away the milk when this first started. She'll go a couple of days & just have some little snacks all day. She has gained that weight back, but her appetite is not what it was.

YESTERDAY, she wakes up COVERED in hives. Head to toe. She looks awful, & feels awful. I was hysterical all day yesterday. Calling the dr, calling the lab about her poop. Every time someone asked me about it, I burst into tears. Something's wrong. So, we go see the dr AGAIN, & I'm armed with questions. First thing she says to me is that there isn't enough poop to test for C-Diff. &#$#!!!!! I burst into tears again. They were able to test some of it because there were 2 containers I had to fill. It's not a parasite which is what I had decided it must be - test was negative. It's not something else - sounded almost like Shingles. No idea. We don't think food allergy because the high fevers don't necessarily fit into that. 

We are now being sent to a GI specialist next week where he will run a battery of tests, & hopefully, get us some answers. She said he probably will test for food allergies, but she thinks it's unlikely that that's what it is. We are going to test for the parasite one more time with the C-Diff since they said they didn't have enough for that - maybe there's a chance they didn't actually have enough for the parasite. 

I'm at my wits end. I'm exhausted trying to figure this out, I'm exhausted having a needy, cranky baby, & exhausted from worrying over my girl. I'm mad & scared & annoyed & want answers. PRAY for her. She's miserable, & God knows what is wrong with her - I need Him to tell the doctors so we can treat her & get her back to the sweet, hyper, crazy little toddler that she is.

Still the good life just a little melancholy around here lately.

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