The Mellow Life

The last posting was July 10 - it's July 24. Insert sad face. I want to be fun, & do fun stuff with my girl, but this pregnancy is knocking me on my butt. It's been lots of Disney movies, running around in nothing but a diaper (her, not me), & afternoons huddled on the couch or reading the same books over & over. I feel very badly that we can't be out a lot, but I just have zero energy. Thinking about taking her to Centerra to play in the water pads makes me want to lie down for an hour.

Needless to say, it's been a bit of a boring month. Some fun little days in there, but nothing epic like I had been hoping. Hopefully, that will kick back up soon. Cooler temperatures could also make that more feasible.

So, while I don't have any darling photos of my girl picking cherries or simpin', I've got some great Instagram photos of her having fun & being her darling self. My favorite has been this week - meeting family members we didn't know. I'm in love. Hopelessly. They need to move here. We had a blast with them in Old Town tonight. It was refreshing to get out in the fresh air, let my girl run around, & be with people who think the world of you after knowing you for 5 minutes. These people are GOOD people. Be jealy.
Oh ya, the other thing...working on my bestie's wedding. Be still my heart.

I'm pooped & I need to go see my husband. But one last thing...I've had people ask, so if you'd like to view Maddie's photo book in it's entirety, click here.

Here's to the good-mellow life! 

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