The Good Life

The good life will always fit when there's not really a title that I have in mind. I guess today could be "rained out," but rained out sounds negative. Like we had to cancel our super, awesome, amazing plans & do something different, when, in actuality, the rain made the day.

At just over 9 weeks pregnant, the nausea & utter exhaustion seem to have vanished. The laziness has stayed. So, today, inspired by the weather & the coziness of the gloomy afternoon, I started a blanket & made a date to eat & shop with my girls.

It's been boring around here these days, but now that Mama's feeling better, things are changing. So, I had decided this morning to take this girl simpin', then the rains came. We traded bathing suits for a shopping cart, & lollygagged through the many rows of Hobby Lobby with Auntie KyKy. 

Christmas. I know. In July. I can't help it. These stockings need to be in my house this Christmas. I'm twitterpated.

Talent: Photographing & Instagraming. Simultaneously.

We laughed, dressed up the baby in fall decor, flooded Instagram with obnoxious pictures of fall & Christmas decor, redecorated our houses in our heads 15 times, picked up every owl trinket known to man, & had a nice day out. Just the girls. Being goofy.

So, now I sit. Blanket to be crocheted, my chamomile tea steeping. It feels good to feel good again. This rainy day makes me long for fall - the crisp air, brightly colored leaves, & boots. Oh, the boots. I miss them. It's time. Summer, I'm over you. Bring in fall. I'm ready.

Enjoy the rain. It's a cozy, rainy, snuggle day. 

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