A ray of sunshine

I know this little girl who has changed my life. She's a red, curly-haired little doll with a lot of spunk & sass, & a direct connection to God. When I dreamed about the baby that I was growing, I hoped for a little girl. A little blonde-haired, blue/green-eyed beauty like the one I already had. She would have giant, chipmunk cheeks & chubby legs. I didn't know that as I was wishing & hoping for that little girl, that a different little girl would give me everything I'd been hoping for. Her sweet, soft, open heart would hear the voice of God, & touch a mama's heart so deeply. She had no idea that her picture & words would give a mama the hope & peace she needed when her entire world was collapsing in. Again. 

I received a text after I wrote the post from my dear friend, Lexi. This is how the conversation went:

Lexi: Can I bring u a meal on Thursday night? I won't take no for an answer unless someone else is bringing you one...So, in other words, what time works?
Me: Lol! That would be lovely. 

Lexi came over that Thursday, loaded down with bags, smiling, her darling daughter, Adley, in tow. Maddie came toddling out of the back room, having dumped an entire Coke down the front of her clothes, but so excited to have a friend. Like any good mama, I shoved everything that had been in the living room or hallway on our bed, with no intention of anyone opening our bedroom door. Maddie promptly led Adley into the bomb room. Thank you, child. We'll work on how to hide our messes later on. 

Lexi & I went to the kitchen, & she began pulling out amazing burritos & fixin's. She pulled out a card that Adley had made, & told me there was a story behind. We stood in my kitchen, tears rolling down our cheeks, as she relayed the story of how Adley came to make my card. This is her story:

"I asked Adley to ask God what He would want her to draw for you after I told her that you lost your baby in your tummy. Her response when I asked if we should ask Jesus was, "I already did mom (none of this probed by me). God told me to draw her a picture of a baby because He is going to give her hope & a new baby. He said it's going to be a girl with yellow hair. He said that her baby (the one you lost) is very special. God said he loves Andrea."

I cannot tell you how this sweet card has given me peace. I want another baby, but now is not the time. And, in all honesty, I believe whole-heartedly that no matter when we decide the right time is, God is going to give us that little girl that we want. And a 5 year old girl, hearing the voice of God, is the reason I feel such hope. 

Lexi, thank you for your friendship, & for your care & concern for me. Your kindness means the world, & I won't forget that evening standing in my kitchen with you. Thank you for raising your daughter to hear the voice of God. I can only hope that Maddie (and my next yellow-haired girl) hears God's voice, & blesses someone the way your daughter has blessed me. I love you, girl.


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