Happy Friday

Fall makes me giddy. The smell of pumpkin spice burning in my house must have some kind of pheromone in it that perks me up & makes me tingly all over. So, yes, the pumpkins are out, the fall wreaths are hung, & pumpkin spice is wafting through the house. This year, it's getting me moving. It's encouraging me to get back into our routine. I've gotten out of the habit of asking Maddie what she wants to do every morning. I've gotten out of the habit of making our days about her. I've gotten out of the habit of thinking about someone other than myself. It's taking a while to get my groove back, but the seasons changing seem to be helping. I'm tired of feeling selfish. I'm tired of feeling floopy & off my game. The promise of trips to see family, of pumpkin patches, of making my girl a Halloween costume? Oh man, the girl I used to be is coming back.

Yesterday, we got out to have fun on purpose. The fun started when I walked into Maddie's room. Nothing inspires me to get out of the house like a hot mess like this.

Girlfriend decided she was going to pick out her outfit, & her little toddler mind delivered one of the best creations I could have hoped for. I secretly wanted this for a long time. Having a little girl has so many whimsical, dreamy aspects that I have hoped for since I found out I was having a girl. I have dreamed of ballet classes, tutus, saddle shoes, and yes, a little girl who picked out her own clothes that makes her look homeless. I love this homeless kid. She makes me smile.

One thing I want my girl to learn is to love people. Loving people pulls you out of your poor-pitiful-woe-is-me sass, & makes you a better person. There is always a place to wallow, but those days should be few & far between. How amazing does it feel to make someone feel special & important? Doesn't it have such an amazing effect on your outlook? Doesn't it give you a pep in your step to tell someone that they look nice or that you just appreciate the crap out of them? So, we're starting small. Getting back to making my girl feel that way. If she feels that way, she's going to want other people to feel that way. She'll want to do nice things for people because it's good to do that. We're doing that. From now on. Once a week. It's a challenge to myself. My selfishness gets to take a back seat. Maybe we'll make cookies for someone, or maybe we'll write a little love note to someone we love. Nothing cures a funk like making someone you love happy.

It's time to decide to pick out all the happy in the day. Happiness is contagious. The time for funks is gone, & we're going to spend our fall days being happy. And what is happier than red jeans & mint shoes?

Get out of your funk & go make someone smile. Buy them a coffee & write a love note on it. I dare ya.

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