Rainy Day

This week is hectic. Today is the worst. A million things to do in preparation for a new Bible study. Errands to be ran, copies to be made, coffee cakes to bake. I'm exhausted typing this now, but, to be honest, the rain has made this day harder. I want nothing more than to sit on the couch, listen to the rain, & watch Elf with Maddie on repeat for the rest of the day. I already crocheted this morning, so at least I did some rainy weather activity today. We've had to redo some funky hair dyeing, TWO bath tub poops (both Maddie), & the doctor called. No news. Everything's fine. I should probably be jumping up & down for joy, but I'm so not. I wanted something to be wrong so we could fix it. I'm just broken & we can't fix it. That's what you want to hear.

In a few minutes, I'll be heading out & getting back to my crazy day, running more errands & finally settling in to get ready for the group of girls I am anxiously awaiting for our study. I've been running like crazy, flustered at this monster of a day, but I couldn't resist. My mom bought my girl an amazing rain slicker with matching boots. The puddles called out to us, so we bundled up & went out back. My curious little kitten was timid for all of 5 seconds before she was splashing & squealing. Oh, I needed this reprieve.

She thought she heard an owl hooting.

Get yourself a slicker like this. I need one. I think it would make rainy days so happy. Off to spend a great night with some great girls. Put some boots on & go play in the rain. It's wonderful.


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  1. I want a rain slicker too! Maybe we could find those to model at Target too ;)


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