Enjoying the fall things

Oh blog, how I've missed you. And yet, I have been so terribly uninspired to write. I've started & saved drafts, & have never come back to them. I wanted to write, but the incessant cursor blinking at me was a road block, taunting me to write, yet my fingers would not move.

As fall creeps its way in, we have slowly began settling back into our routines. Busyness has slowly replaced what last month left in its wake. The sadness has dissipated, & although there are moments that knock the wind out of me, each day wakes up with a new freshness & lightness.

We have been hit by the rogue waves of having a toddler. My cute, bubbly, giggly, blonde-haired, doll baby has learned she has a will & wants independence. The girl who asks desperately every night for a kiss (said with the most darling lisp), still needs bedtime 'nuggles, & likes to "rocky" her babies to sleep, has a flair for the dramatic. And I have no idea where she got it from. Our most recent grocery trip involved a scream that pierced anyone's eardrums in that store, followed by her yanking my hair. And all the while, an elderly lady observed how I handled the situation. I took away the kitty jammies she was holding & told her to calm down. The lady applauded applauded me. I felt a slight victory...having defeated a toddler's antics.

The fall has brought with it the anticipation of really fun things. A new women's Bible study in a cozy basement, surrounded by a group of women, who have touched me & surprised me beyond what I had ever hoped. Each week we gather around the refreshments to see which Pinterest recipe is on the table for us. We leave soon for a girls' trip to celebrate a milestone with very dear family. The most important part of that being that we look cute, obviously. This 80-degree weather has really put a damper on my need to dress me & the kid in boots. This trip will help me get that out in full swing.

Quite possibly the cutest baby boots I've ever seen.

What I'm really trying to say is that Stella's got her groove back. I had a choice a couple of weeks ago to give into the hormones & the sadness, & let it inhabit me for a while longer. No thanks. It's fall. I have too much to do. And I am going to enjoy this time. We're pulling out the pumpkin puree & gettin' sticky & messy. We're visiting multiple pumpkin patches, & we are going to find an apple orchard. We're doing fall right. And the woes of last month can shove it. We're movin' on.

Go enjoy this fall day. It's incredible out today.

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  1. My eyes are googling over those photos of maddie - OH MY GOSH, is that girl pretty. i just love her spunk and innocence. good post, im digging it and you know i am your FALL SOUL SISTER :)


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