13+ weeks | 2nd trimester

Since you didn't know I was pregnant AND I prayed for death for so long, I didn't take many photos of the rapidly growing belly. Around 7 weeks, I was no longer able to suck in. By 10 weeks, it was unmistakable. Josh said many times that it was time to tell people. I, of course, took offense to that. He was calling me fat.

From week 5 til about the middle of week 10, I was in bed from the time my eyes opened until I could go back to sleep the next evening. I.was.miserable. I cried. Shocker. Because I was miserable. Rolling over made me want to vom. Eating made me want to vom. Not eating made me want to vom. I couldn't find anything to make me feel better. I will never eat another freakin' Saltine again in my life. Nothing helped. I didn't think I was going to make it. Let's just stop here a minute. As I write these overly dramatic statements, I realize that I have missed my calling: I should have been an actress. Every stomachache was the worst one I'd ever had. Every headache was going to be the brain aneurysm that killed me. Every burn in my esophagus was going to kill me. I mean, really.

Now that we are quietly & safely into the second trimester, I felt free (enough) to share our news. Our BIG news. So, now, you will get weekly pregnancy updates that you probably don't care about. That's ok. At least my Mom will read them.

I am still working on a better chalkboard, so bear with me as I get things in order, but here is where we are:

How far along? 13.4 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Peach
Total weight gain? 8 lbs {this whole telling you thing may end quickly}
Maternity clothes? Yes, please. You can't hide this thing anymore. Some stuff still fits. I rock my University of Indiana sweatshirts like whoa.

Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Dreaming so much at night. Also peeing a lot. A lot. No naps. 
Exercise? Restricted until now. Really nervous to start, but I'm going to stick to things like yoga & walking (whenever Siberia decides to leave us).
Miss Anything? Not really. My energy, maybe.
Movement? Some. I felt my first flutter last week, and now I'm starting to feel them more. The one on the bottom moves a lot. We witnessed that on the ultrasound as well.
Food cravings? Salt. Ermahgerd. Salt all the time, but I am restricting myself as much as I can. It's terrible for you, but I could just eat a handful of salt & be happy.
Gender? We'll find out soon!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Symptoms? Headaches. I had them with Maddie. All you can take is Tylenol which is like taking a sugar pill.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Smells. Overpowering perfume is the worst offender. I stopped wearing perfume for the time being because smells just get me bad.
Labor Signs? Obviously not.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody. Let's just be honest.
Looking forward to? Finding out these twinkies genders really soon!

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  1. congratulations! i'm so jealous you can feel the babies. i am almost 17 weeks along and still can't feel yet...or maybe i'm just not sure if those feelings are the baby moving.


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