15 weeks | 2nd Trimester

I started out this week with a bone to pick. I am struggling with the weight gain, which is just not even that much, but it's bothering me nonetheless. This wound up being the back burner issue. 

As of Monday, I am on modified bed rest. This means painful boredom. According to Dr. P, I am not restricted to bed, but I need to be "laying down or resting more than not." If you've noticed an increase in texts or pins, it's because I have been in bed for 2 days. I do not like asking people to do things for me. I want to do things for myself & help other people if I can. However, things have to change a little. I am no longer allowed to do any heavy lifting (what about that toddler I have?!), no exercise, and I need to stay down a lot. Thankfully, the Christmas shopping is mostly done, it's the slow season for photography, & my husband mostly works from home. 

I ran a couple of quick errands today, but hubby took on the grocery shopping today. He's awesome! Because grocery shopping sucks. But he did great. Only got one thing wrong :) So, he can grocery shop & I will just lay around eating dark chocolate...**stocking stuffer idea to the fam**

So, if you have any tv series suggestions, I am all ears. I will be watching a lot Netflix in the coming months, so feel free to let me know what you're watching. We just started watching Alaska: The Last Frontier & OMG! I love it! I couldn't do it, but these people are amazing! And obviously, New Girl is a staple in my tv diet. If you could make Catching Fire come out on DVD in the next week or so, that'd be great.

Thanks for following the Twinkie adventure :)

I looked stupid in the one Josh took, so I'm going with the selfie.

How far along? 15 weeks
Babies are the size of an? Orange
Total weight gain? 9lbs. The rule of thumb with twins is 24lbs by 24 weeks. Let me tell you that to a girl who struggled to lose the last 20lbs, packing on 15 more in 9 weeks is a little hard to swallow. YES, I want to have the healthiest pregnancy possible, however, the VAIN girl in me is not loving this part. But, if I have to eat more dark chocolate & have a 2nd plate of spaghetti, I will do it. For the twins. 
Maternity clothes? And sweats. I love me some sweats.

Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Crazy, crazy dreams. So crazy.
Exercise? Not an option anymore. (I'm just so not sad)
Miss Anything? FREEDOM
Movement? Still feeling the one on the bottom most because there's too much chub in the way of the one on top.
Food cravings? Same. Spaghetti & salty stuff.
Gender? 6 days!!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Fatigue
Anything making you queasy or sick? BOREDOM.
Labor Signs? Nope
Happy or Moody most of the time? So weepy. Pray for my dear, precious husband. I cry over everything. The come aparts over anything & everything.
Looking forward to? Deciding on names!


  1. I've been rewatching New Girl on Netflix and also Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Lots of Buffy episodes!! Revenge. Once Upon a Time.

  2. o.m.g... vampire diaries: where the "edward" is actually hot & the "bella" is just plain better. i'm only on the 2nd episode, but i'm craving more!!


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