Baseball Baby Shower

I'm not a half-ass-baby-shower-thrower. If we're throwing a shower, I WILL spend excessive amounts of money on things that will make the day JUST SO. Plus, when it's your only sister's first baby, you have to go big or go home. So, I went big, and I just so love how it turned out. 

Want details? Keep reading.

This cute concessions sign was handmade by Magnolia Tree Designs. Fit easily in my suitcase without getting crumpled like a lot of other stuff.

Now, this. This you cannot buy in stores. This was handmade by Baby G's Papa just for this table. With 24 hours notice, sweet Dave sprang into action and created the most perfect baseball bat Cracker Jack stand. And it was my absolute favorite part of the entire table.

Modge Podged letters. Meh.

The Daddy-to-be keeping his distance from 40+ women.

Sissy & my girl.

Danny had seen this really fun idea - have the guests write love notes to Baby G on a baseball bat to keep forever and ever.

The sign. My nemesis. Forgot the letters at home. Called my niece at 10pm the night before, begging for help. She showed up with goodies and letters, and basically, saved the party.

And the pinwheels. Gah. Love them. You can snag them at The Parties That Pop!

A hot dog rotisserie. I know. #gobigorgohome

The detail on everything blew us away. I mean, this is just the coolest cake. And tasty. Holy crap. There wasn't a single piece left by the time the shower was over.

Handmade sugar cookies and cake pops from my darling niece, Megan. She is my go-to baker...oh, Megs! I need to pay you! Crap! Text me!

This day wouldn't have come together if not for the grandmas-to-be. Mom and Penny, thank you for letting me squawk orders at you when I needed things to be a certain way. 

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