A Pig & Some Cherries

You know the friends who are extremely inappropriate & hilariously funny all at the same time? The ones who stun you into silence with their sarcasm & candor? The ones who make you stop & say "SHUT UP! I was JUST gonna say that!?" The ones who don't judge you for being awful, but just appreciate your awfulness & judge you in secret? Ya, those are the best ones.

So, when I decided that this summer was going to be that super amazing one with new traditions, new adventures, & new everything, Kylie stepped up & said "I wanna go too!" Today was a new adventure. In our creepy, obsessive, stalker-like behavior, we think "What would Kelle do?" Well, Kelle would find a farm too far away on the hottest day of the stinkin' year, take the toddler, & go pick cherries.

And cherries we picked!

To add to the new of the summer, Mads & I made a new friend today - Kylie's mom. We all dressed a little too fancy to go sweat & pick cherries, but we looked cute. And really, isn't that all that matters?

 My girl didn't really get the concept of picking, putting them in the cartons, and then leaving them. We started over a few times. Then played the "who's watching the baby??!" game as we used every muscle in our bodies to pull down a branch with darker cherries, always fearful that the baby was indeed thwarting our efforts. All we wanted to do was make a pie. She had other plans apparently.

I LOVE when this little tongue pops out - it means girlfriend is concentrating on her incredibly important task. 

Let me pause here. In the above picture, note a small, blonde toddler. Also note the tall, blonde woman who has no kids, but thinks the world revolves around mine. She loves my girl something fierce. She gets excited when I tell her I plan to sew streamers together so that they make ruffled streamers for above mentioned small, blonde toddlers birthday party. She makes plans to celebrate my girl, & any subsequent kids, in the obsessive-compulsive-over-the-top-people-are-staring-and-judging-us kinds of ways. This is not normal. People who don't have kids, generally, don't really like kids in this obsessive way. I got lucky. Go find yourself a Kylie.

Meet Miss Piggy. This big, fat pig scared the holy everything out of me. I was not expecting this pig to be laying in the shade like a dog. Well, there she was. She was actually a super cool pig, as far as pigs go. My girl wanted so badly to like her, but it just didn't happen. 

This was as close as she could venture to Miss Piggy. Immediately following this shot, my girl sat on the hot dirt & stared at the pig for a few minutes. Just observing. Girlfriend is a whirlwind most of the time. She lives life running & not watching where she's going, until she has hit every single thing in her path, apologizing as she barrels into it. She pretends she can swim, goes under for what seems like an inordinate amount, comes back up, water in her lungs, & has the audacity to get mad at us for pulling her from imminent death. So, this? This was a nice change. Her quiet observation. Pig vs. toddler. 

And then wouldn't you know it? Just as our trip ended this afternoon, The Good Life came on in the car. As if One Republic knew that our theme song needed to round out the day.

This is the good life, people.

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