32 weeks | 3rd Trimester

Things are starting to look up! Baby A's cord has moved, my cervix has stayed the same for the entire FIVE weeks that I have been here, and I'm inching closer and closer to being able to head home and deliver with my doctor at my hospital. Funnily enough, I'm a little bummed that I might not deliver here. I adore my nurses and everyone is just really nice to be around. 

My poor body is exhausted and in pain. My back hurts, my pelvis hurts. These boys are getting so heavy to carry around. I joke that my first outing when I get home will be a trip to Target with a Starbucks in hand, but I doubt that I will make it much further than the dollar bins because the waddle is just out of control at this point. 

Thanks for your prayers, gifts, goodies, kind words and support. Y'all have helped me make it 5 weeks confined to a small hospital room. When this is over, we are having a giant PARTY to celebrate! 


How far along? 32 weeks
Babies are the size of ? Squash
Total weight gain? 29 lbs. 
Maternity clothes? Yoga pants & maternity tanks!
Stretch marks? Still none.
Sleep? Sleeping so hard even though my body is really aching. 
Miss Anything? Normal life
Movement? All the time, but they seem to have finally settled. They are both settled in sideways and are facing each other.
Food cravings? Banana Nut Bread...randomly.
Belly Button In or Out? Out.
Rings on or off? It still fits, but it's not comfortable.
Symptoms? My pelvis feels like it's been beaten with a baseball bat.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nah.
Labor Signs? Contractions have started to pick up more, but nothing that stays too consistent.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Pretty happy!
Looking forward to? The end!

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  1. You ROCK twin pregnancy! You look so good and are handling it like a champ! Keep it up, A :)


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