Why I'm Ok With Nick & Jess Breaking Up

I love how well people know me. I clearly share the things that I greatly enjoy with much gusto and fervor because I get a plethora of Oreos delivered to me constantly, I have people stopping by with yellow cake & chocolate frosting, and my phone blows up every Tuesday night with, "OMG! Are you watching this?!"

If you are one of the strange people that I happen to know and you do not know what happens on Tuesday nights, then get off this blog right now let me share with you about New Girl. New Girl is probably the closest thing to a modern day Friends. One giant apartment/loft + girls & guys living together. I don't know about you, but most of the "lofts" I've been in are more like a shoebox with a bathroom & just enough space for a twin bed that is half in the kitchen. This "loft" has 4 bedrooms. Not a loft. I digress.

New Girl is my new favorite show. I love the characters, I love the actors, I love the love story. With that being said, while I am a HUGE fan of the Nick + Jess love story, after years of experience and wisdom (aka watching tv ad nauseam), I can tell you that the love story developed too quickly. If we are to have another Friends-type show, then we need a little more time & built-up tension before we dive right in.

I responded to all my friends with the only text that seemed fitting last Tuesday. Q simple, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" My heart was broken, but after rethinking my dramatic exclamation, I am glad that the break-up has occurred. And here's why.

Nick needs to grow up.
While we all appreciate the bartender/loser/flannel-wearing Nick Miller, at this point in the game, he & Jess are not equally matched. She has a fairly solid career & goal in life, and Nick is an "agoraphobic, turtle-faced, borderline alcoholic." Do we want to see him as a lawyer? I don't know. Maybe. All we need is a little growth and maturity, and I think we'd all sleep better at night knowing that they are a little more evenly matched.

We need more of the sexual tension.
One of the most fun parts of watching people develop feelings for each other is the undeniable magnetism that develops when they are in a room together. Season 2 rocked our faces off with great chemistry & tension between Nick & Jess as they slowly started to realize they BOTH had feelings for each other. I mean, who didn't playback the end of "Cooler" when Nick grabs Jess & kisses her? Don't pretend you didn't - we all did. 

While my sister will disagree with me here, I believe that season 3 lacked some of the magnetism that we felt in the previous seasons. Yes, we enjoyed watching them together, but something was missing. I'm a firm believer that this will be delivered in spades going forward because we now know that Nick "fell in love with Jess the moment she walked through the door," and that Jess (with the help of Prince?!) was able to finally tell Nick Miller that she loved him. Knowing this, we can count on jealousies and wounded hearts as they watch each other begin to date other people, all the while wishing they could have worked it out.

Loft shenanigans.
Don't you miss the good ol' days of the loft residents ganging up on Schmidt or heading out to 5 different holiday parties? I do. With the separation of Nick & Jess, I think we'll get to see more of that again. Plus, there will be the added bonus of watching Nick and/or Jess pining after each other while the other one begins to date other people. I hate to keep coming back to it, but how much did you hate all the girls that Ross started dating after he & Rachel broke up? Maybe we'll even see the return of Schmidt & Cece. And for the love of all that is good & holy...MORE TRUE AMERICAN!

#teamJICK or #teamNISS
If New Girl is to stand the test of time, we need something to root for, a love to fight for, and something to believe in. We need the on-again-off-again, do-they-still-love-each-other story that keeps us pulled in. We need to see Nick hiding in the bathroom stall listening to conversations, only to emerge jealous when Jess talks about old boyfriends. We need to see Nick decide to grow up a little and make some solid decisions for his future. And we need Jess to decide between true love or someone like Mr. Fancypants.

If you have read this and think I am completely off my rocker, just remember that I have been in the hospital for almost 3 weeks now with not much to do. Analyzing tv show plot lines has become a new pastime. Also, if you have read this and think I'm off my rocker, you are dead to me maybe this isn't the blog for you. And remember, tune in to New Girl (nearly) every Tuesday on Fox at 8pm. I've converted many of my friends, and we are now much closer. I can turn you into a #fangirl as well.


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  1. Keep preachin it... You're spot on, lady!!!

  2. So, what if I never really liked them together in the first place? I think the only reason I didn't was because Jess has her act together-ish and Nick is all over the place. Maybe if Nick grows up a bit I'll be OK with it. One thing is for sure we definitely need more True American.

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