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I haven't seen too many bloggers talking about hospital chic wardrobes. What a huge oversight. I mean, they are seriously sitting on a goldmine and have no idea how much they are missing. What woman doesn't feel absolutely beautiful, stunning and sexy at 30+ weeks pregnant with TWINS, all the while getting a sore butt from sitting 98% of everyday for weeks on end? I know I do.

At this point in my pregnancy, my body thinks it is full term because there are two chicklets in there. Those 2 chicklets weigh over 6 pounds combined on top of 2 placentas, 2 bags of water, and double the blood volume. While I'm a huge proponent of waking up, showering, doing your hair and putting your makeup on just to boost your own psyche, that's about as far as it goes for me. I'm certainly not waddling around here in dresses and heels. When you are as large as the broadside of a barn, you are limited in wardrobe choices. With that being said, let's take a peek at my hospital chic look for What I Wore Wednesday.

If you haven't ever worn yoga pants with the flap up around your belly, you are living wrong, son. These seem to be one of the last things that still fit around my gut. The other great feature is the length. These Xhilaration yoga pants are so long that it looks like I have stumps for legs, the bottom of them dragging behind me as I waddle down the hallway to get more water.

It's really a toss-up which footwear I will choose for the day. We have the option of my Dr. Scholl's padded, fuzzy socks in both mint & lavender OR my $1.50 Forever 21 slippers that are falling apart. Each slipper has 2 balls on it, but the leftie lost it's guts in one of the balls, so the shell of it just flops around as I, yet again, waddle down the hallway past the nurses' station to get my water.

Granny panties. They're just necessity at this point. Why they come in such vibrant colors and prints is beyond me. Do you really want something that wide covered in such blinding material? Luckily, these are covered up by the large yoga pants as I waddle down the hallway to get more water.

My top of choice is a tank top by Liz Lange maternity. They are long and not totally hideous. They are, however, usually covered up by one of my 3 IU sweatshirts sent to me from my family in Indiana. Ironically, I had gotten down to my very lowest weight since I was in elementary school just as I received these. These family members, apparently, looked at me and thought an XXL was what I needed. Jokes on them though, because at 30 weeks pregnant, I am still waddling down the hallway to get my water, sportin' IU sweatshirts because it is colder than Antarctica everywhere in this hospital and the belly STILL has room to grow into these suckers.

To complete this hospital chic look, I add my normal makeup routine and straight or wavy hair. It looks like I tried, but not too much because, then you see the rest of me, and wonder if I ran out of a burning building and was unable to fully dress myself.

The bikini is the only cute staple I have in my wardrobe at this point. The girls are quickly overtaking the top and my arse can't decide what size it is, so I have multiple bottoms depending on how wide I'm feeling each day.

PSA: I'm under no illusion that this looks good on my round figure, but it does look better than the plastic picnic table they gave me the first night I got here & told me to wear it & swim. One of my fellow swimmers was slightly horrified when I showed up in this neon frock with a friendly, "Wow. That's bright, isn't it?" Needless to say, I don't think she's a fan of the suit or me.

If you are interested in sharing your hospital chic look, please email me. I'd love to see how you dress while on hospital bed rest. Any suggestions to sexy up my look is always welcome.

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