Makeup Tip Monday

I grew up loving makeup. I used to love watching my mom put on makeup everyday. I learned early on about foundation, blush, blending, and color palettes that worked with my skin tone. I did not, however, heed that advice in junior high/early high school. The hooker palette was more my go-to look. Having a daughter, who will eventually begin wearing makeup without my advice, slightly terrifies me. Hopefully, hooker chic is not in style when she hits puberty. It only adds to the acne-ridden, greaseball look that befalls pre-pubescent teens.

While I do not bill myself as a makeup/fashion blogger, I still love those things. It only started in the last year or so that I've actually enjoyed buying clothes and dressing my smaller frame (not this current frame. How do you dress a beach ball?). I actually care more. I have, however, always loved makeup. I took some advice from another blogger and bought some new mascara, so I wanted to share my thoughts on this black tar that I cover my tiny lashes in.

This close up to my face is absolutely AWFUL. 

As you can clearly see in the picture, the look of the day is SPIDER eyes. I bought this mascara because a friend of mine (I say friend loosely - she owes me $8 for this waste of a purchase) highly recommended it. I, typically, stick to what I know works for me. I don't like to stray from that, but when someone raves, I'll bite. And I did. I'm so glad I wasted $7.99 on this goop. 

The wand comes out goopy, the black tar goes on goopy, and then when you try to fix the goops by compulsively wiping the wand on the edge of the tube and reapplying, you get the hooker/spider look. Maybe that can be this year's Halloween costume! A hooker spider. 

No amount of curling your lashes, including taking your hair dryer to said curler and heating it up, helps either. You literally get eye lashes that are thick & goopy that stick straight out. Maybe this is your cup of tea. Don't be surprised when people look at your eyes wondering if you've been applying wet tar to your eyes. Wearing this disaster brought me back to my pre-pubescent years of greasy skin, shimmery blue eye shadow and gobs of mascara covering my poor eyes. 

So, if you're into this look, please stop into your local Target (because we feel far classier stepping through the doors of Target with our Starbucks in our hand than we feel when we trip into WalMart with our most disgusting pair of sweats we own) and pick up Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara.

If you have makeup items that you totally hated, please send them to me. I'd love to check them out, seeing as how I have nothing to do for the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Almay Get Up And Grow. It's The Best!!!

  2. Worst mascara of my life.....Sephora Mascara. Goop on a piece of rubber with tiny bumps on it....there is no way to put it on without destroying your eyelids with black goop and once you get it where it looks like....goop. worst $10 I ever spent!


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