How to be a Hot Mom on a Budget

I'll admit that I shopped the Wal-Mart racks before it was socially acceptable, when it was just a redneck thing to do. And I know of two people right now (at least) who are horrified and disgusted that I could even sit here telling you that I am a Faded Glory wearer, but screw them. I am, and I am damn proud of it.

Since having a litter of children, our budget has changed. These little minions are far better dressed than I am because that's what's more important to me. I mean, it's worth it - look how cute they all are. This is not to say that I haven't bought clothes for myself or even bought something for myself when I should have been spending the money on the children (and then hiding the bags in my closet...amiright, girls?!) because I have. And I will proudly tell you that some of these outfits came straight from the racks of Wal-Mart. They have stepped up their game. It's no longer even about price - they are just frickin' cute.

Without further ado, I will show how you can look like a boutique girl while being a WalMartian.

Here is my #ootd. Head-to-toe WalMart. I know. I was just as shocked as you are. The hat is on point, those pants are amazing and comfy, and apparently, my husband thinks I bought them for camping. No, dear. Fashion. I bought them for fashion. The outfit was $49 including those cute little ankle boots. If you were to buy this at one of my favorite online boutiques, which shall remain nameless, you are looking at a total of $141. I saved $100. Honey, you're welcome. 

I want buffalo check e'rything. I have an addiction. I love this tunic, I love these jeans and these black ankle boots are my most complimented shoe. People nearly pee themselves when I curtsy and tell them they came from the WalMart. Outfit total? $44. The place I love? $119.

I was falling over as I took this, so sorry about that photography.

I love this top! I have a floral one too! Baseball tees are super in, and WalMart jumped in on the craze. The camo part is chiffon and the sleeves are soft cotton. If you have big hooters like me, go up a size because there is no give in the breasticle area. Jeans are comfy again, and I love the grey suede boots. Outfit total: $39 vs. $132.

And this. You won't find this in a boutique. No, this special little beaut can only be purchased in a place like WalMart. It's comfy, it's perfect for a Netflix & chill night, it shuts down any sexual advances your husband might make on a night when you're not feelin' it, and it's only $19.97

If you're still not sold, that's cool. I get it. It's WalMart. It's like a step up from the DMV. If you can keep your head down and not make eye contact, you can actually find some cute items without having to meet any mutants. If you find something cute, send it my way! 

Happy bargain shopping, kittens!

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