Mermaid Waves | Tutorial

This is my first hair tutorial! I learned how to use my fancy, big girl camera to make a detailed video of my mermaid waves. This is my go-to hair style because I can wear it down, or add a braid for the days when my hair is greasy. On day 2, I can usually get away with dry shampoo and waves, but day 3 is when it's time to hide some grease in a braid or twelve.

1. Start with clean, blown dry hair.
2. Separate into sections.
3. I use a 1" Hot Tools curling iron, but you can use bigger or smaller depending on big you want your waves.
4. Take 1" sections of your hair and wrap around the barrel, clamp and hold for 30 seconds.
5. Spray with a firm hairspray.
6. Let your hair cool before running fingers through it to loosen your waves.

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