Kitchen Makeover | Part 1

This is my kitchen. I have a ton of great space - lots of cabinets, HUGE walk-in pantry. I do not, however, have a cohesive theme. Recently, I painted our living room to 1. brighten up the space and 2. give it a fresh, clean look. This is exactly what I want to do with this space.

When I painted this space, I painted it to paint it. I thought these colors would make you want to eat. It has, clearly, worked for me in that respect. I painted the cabinets because I hated the orange cabinets that came with the house. The paint is now worn off in places and is chipped in others. Plus, it's such a beautiful space that doesn't need to be so dark.

So, what is my plan? To start, I will lighten the walls this weekend with a beautiful paint from Sherwin Williams. The plan is to work on sections at a time with the cabinets. I will start (at some point this winter) with the island and paint it Paris Grey. I'll work my way around the kitchen, and make the other cabinets Pure White. Once these elements are finished, I want to start adding things to finish off the space. I'd really like to find a thrifted hutch or buffet for that large, open wall space, add some steel and more wood in the decorations and maybe a personalized coffee cup wall hanger.

The bottom line is that I want to draw people into this space. I want it to feel open, homey, and complete. Stick around to see the stage 1 next week!

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