The Best Damn Bach Recap | Week 7

Looking at you, Emily.

When your hometown is known as the "Orthopedic Capital of the World," you know you're about to party your ass off.

Warsaw, Indiana // location: fly over state

Lauren's Date

Ben takes Lauren to the youth center who used to work for where they make out in front of the children. 

Then, our collective ovaries exploded when he talked to the kid crying in the corner. 

Ben: Apparently, everyone thinks you're a bitch.
Lauren: Was it that bitch, Leah? I will cut her.

JoJo's Date

Let's find love in the windy city or some shit.

Emily: I mean, it's windy here...
Becca: The Windy City is Chicago, you dipshit.

Watching girls play sports is, literally, the worst thing in the world. 

Blah blah blah I'm falling in love with Ben, but I'm scared... I can't even with this fecking conversation on every fecking date every fecking week.

Although, betch redeemed herself and she's now my new favorite with this classic ass-grab.

Group Date

The most miserable group of bitches you ever did see.

Becca and Amanda have a romantic boat ride. 

Literally, every talking head is just one betch betching about not getting a 1-on-1 date. Ben, pick a ho and end this before we all end up a looney boon.

Caila: I picture myself as mold. I just need someone to attach myself to.

Amanda gets the rose. She gets a hometown. Boyfriend, you better not dump her after she introduces you to her kids. Shoulda sent that one packin'.

Ben: Let me show you where you'll be working after we get married.

Emily's Date

Caila: Emily is like a puppy. Everything is new & exciting.

Classic quotes from Emily:

Talking to people is, like, really hard.

I don't travel a lot, so I love the ducks!

I've grown so much in things that I didn't know I needed growing on.

My biggest dream is to be an NFL cheerleader.

I've always been average at everything, but I know I will be an above average mom and wife. 

Please STFU.

Tigger is blindsided by Ben sending her home after such a great conversation with his mom.

Rose Ceremony

Beccs, your crazy is showing. Tuck that shit back in.

Join us next week for hometowns where everyone cries and all the parents disapprove.

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