A Lumberjack Birthday Party

When you see this picture, I know many of you are thinking that I, clearly, slaved for months, spent a fortune, and went crazy on this party. Nine days ago, I had a lantern. That was it.

A facking red lantern.

You'd be surprised to find that, in the great lumberjack state of Colorado, buffalo plaid, moose, and wood-anything is hard to find in the month of May. Thankfully, I sent up the bat signal and the only thing I wound up needing was that amazing buffalo check blanket.

This PERFECT cake was my inspiration for the entire shindig. I sent some designs to DaddyCakes and let him take creative license. It was, literally, the icing on the cake that made this party come together.

Then, MamaCakes walked in with these cookies and my heart exploded.

I needed a backdrop. I always need one. It's the cornerstone of my parties. I needed wood. I didn't have time to make one. I didn't want to pay for one. Oh. Duh. I have a headboard made of wood that I built a few months back.

I ordered this beautiful custom birthday banner from Magnolia Tree Designs, and the party decor finally started to come together. I could breathe a little.

Once the party had started, the stars of the show finally decided to grace us with their presence. However, they were completely uninterested in being social.

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures I've ever been in. His face, my hair. Perfection.

He is sweet, loving, snuggly, giggly, sensitive, shy, loud, weird and so many other things. If ever a picture summed him up, it's this one. Dirty, shoeless, and smiling. My beefcake.

The first present. That excitement. That anticipation. Throwing clothes out of the way to get to the real present.

And then, the exact moment that you realize your aunt totally screwed you over.

Let's stop right here and talk about Jett Lucas. This boy is just everything. He's hilarious, weird as hell, loud, rude, sweet, funny, mean, obnoxious, wonderful, giggly, scrawny, adventurous, wild, dirty, gorgeous, and a million other things. He is in timeout before 9am nearly every morning. He is the loudest squawker I have ever met. His scream could burst an ear drum. And he is the coolest damn kid I have ever met. His personality is so gigantic. He will be class clown in high school, be the cool kid in school, and will have every single lady wrapped around his finger. His two-year-old self is making me crazy, but I can't believe Jesus gave Him to me because I'm not cool enough to be his mom.

Now here is where I get super sappy and emoshies about friends who love my kids like they are their own.

I didn't always have this and I didn't know that I would, but I love this moment at every single birthday party: I stop, look around, and my heart, literally, swells with emotion. I love that I have a house full of people who absolutely adore my kids, discipline them when they talk back to me, tickle them, blow bubbles with them, kiss them, snuggle them, and love them as though they were their own. I have this moment every year, and now I have it twice a year. Them. All of them. Loving my brood.

Oh, and those shirts. I know. All thanks to Our5Loves!


I live for these parties, for these people, and for the love and laughter that fills my house on these days. Happy Birthday, my sweet, crazy boys. Our family is now complete.

Yes, that was a vasectomy reference.

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