About that photo book...

8:31 AM

Once the little is down for the evening, if I'm not in the throes of editing, I am writing, rewriting, tweaking, & shifting this little photo book for my girl. Her life is documented in pictures - the poor child of a photographer mama - and this book makes her years into stories. This story is colorful & funny & silly & changing constantly. It is documented to reflect the stages & the larger-than-life personality my girl has.

If I could, I'd post the whole flippin' book, but that's a whole lotta work. Her book is one of my favorite things to work on when the house is quiet for the night. I find peace in sitting in front of the computer with a blank slate, the blinking cursor begging me to document the stage that is only going to last for 2 days before she's learned something newer. I sift through hundreds of pictures that capture her in the moment before I have turned around, only to turn back & realize that the moment has passed, & she has grown up a little bit more. This book freezes her in these precious moments. 

Without further ado...my favorites...so far...

The good life is abundant today.

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