The Good Life

I'm dog tired, but I can't sleep. After a wedding yesterday & a family session this morning, I expected to pick up my little, & pass right out. Not so much. So, I sit here, in the cool, quiet house, while I listen to the toilet quietly running - J & I say it's our built-in water feature - mind is abuzz with ideas for the summer. Did you know that it's already the middle of June? Where did the summer go!? If I were 10, I'd be panicked that school was just around the corner.

While I am already ready for fall smells, crunchy leaves, crisp air, I have this girl who has limitless energy & a larger-than-life personality that begs me to go & do. See, it hit me, listening to other people tell you not to spoil, not to let them eat ice cream, & not to do all the things that you've already done that will clearly screw her up & need thousands of dollars worth of therapy, that I don't want to miss these moments with her. She is only itty bitty for this itty bitty amount of time, & so I am going to make the most of it. We are going to drink out of bottles, eat ice cream & spin in circles until she falls to the ground in a fit of hysterical giggles...because being a kid is AWESOME. And being a mama watching her be a kid is AWESOME.

This summer may be the only summer I have with just her, and I want it to be wicked amazing. I want her to look back in her photo books & think "I have a super cool mom." And she will. Because I am cool. And this summer is so much fun that it's impossible to express it's awesomeness. There are more things I want to do this summer, and so, I am making myself a list to do, so that I can refer back to it over the coming summer weeks.

Without further ado...the list.

1. Get ice cream from the creepy ice cream truck dude.
2. Have donut dates on Fridays.
3. Go to the movies with my girl.
4. Find a Pick-Ur-Own berry field. And go pick.
5. Lay in a grassy field.
6. Find an old quilt at a thrift store & make it our new family park/beach blanket.
7. Do a moon walk.
8. Build a reading nook for my girl.
9. Get pregnant.
10. Buy bread & feed ducks.
11. Fly a kite.
12. Get a slurpee.
13. See fireworks.
14. Go to the Farmer's Market.
15. Send postcards to family just for fun.
16. Picnic at the beach.
17. Get new family photos taken - every year, baby, every year.
18. Catch fireflies in Mason jars.
19. Make s'mores.
20. Go to the zoo.

That's it. There are more, but 20's enough to get the juices flowing. What's your to-do list for summer? Create one if you haven't - they are only this little for oh so little.

Oh, and I am loving this new page in her book, so I'm sharing.

It's the good life all up in herrr to day.

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