I have watched myself over the past few months, while there has been a flurry of activities, new commitments, & new challenges, I feel joyful. I looked at my husband the other day & I said "I feel like I have hit my stride."

I read something on Kelle's blog the other day that could easily be overlooked. It was an old post, from a few years back, from when her oldest daughter was Maddie's age. It rocked me. Rocked what I believe as a mom. She looks at her daughter every morning & says, "What do you want to do today?" Nothing. Simple. ROCKED. Something shifted inside of me. Something that exploded to redirect our days. I am her Mama. I have the ability to make her day amazing or to just muddle through. I choose the former.

I had a comment on a picture of Maddie the other day that made me laugh out loud: "Man, that little girl gets around!" That little girl does get around. Because her Mama realized that it's her joy to discover new things with her daughter.

I decided that our mission this summer is to drive all over looking for new, awesome parks, anything with water, & the best ice cream cone we can find. So far...summer has been awesome! 

So, who knows that these posts will end up looking like. I tend to be a very inconsistent blogger, but for now, I am inspired to write. I have gone back & rewritten Maddie's entire second year photo book because I am inspired! (when I say that in my head, I look like a flamenco dancer twirling around saying OlĂ©!) For now, I will share whatever tickles my fancy. And darlin', my fancy is tickled right now. I feel like Pollyanna - joyful, whimsical, hitting my stride, dorky to be sure, but HAPPY, FULFILLED.

First pigtails. June 2012.

So. Much. Love.


  1. Love. The days when im inspired to write are some of my fav days. Those pigtails are adorable. Sending kisses to both of you. Xo.

  2. I LOVE the adventures we get into. I, too, try to make Corinne's days fun and exciting. We only have chance to do this, so let's do it right!


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