Brunch is my favorite word. I love the way it sounds, how it feels fancier than breakfast or lunch, & how it makes you feel like you live in the Hamptons, & you are meeting your cricket friends, all dressed in white, sipping mimosas. It's my favorite word. Ask Josh. He knows it's true.

This week's special date with my girl was brunch. We got dressed, snapped some photos & loaded up the car with strollers & extra clothes, not knowing what the morning might bring - you never know when there could be an impromptu swim opportunity.

I woke up that morning feeling the urge to sip tea & eat a scone with my girl, so we decided on Barnes & Noble - that place makes me want to journal & read more & wear reading glasses. I figured we'd sit & share that blueberry scone & she'd jabber on like she does...

This sweet little brunchy moment lasted all of 10 seconds. I snapped this photo, & she turned & jumped off her stool. 

So, we rolled with it. We meandered down the sidewalk, & stopped for some new shoes for my little. 

So awkward when that little hand finds it's way down my shirt in public.

I cherish these days with her when we can just hang out together & do something different from our other days. This is the summer of fun. I wake up everyday thinking of new, fun things to do with this little girl. It won't always be just me & my girl - she'll have to share me at some point, but for's just the two of us.

Oh, & I've had complaints that I don't post her toddler moments. So, here ya go. Our date ended with a lovely tantrum. Putting the camera in her face mid-tantrum really helped the sitch.

Go make a FUN memory with your littles today!

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