Pansies & A Bloody Nose

In the past week, I've wanted to write, but the inspiration hasn't come. Josh left early for church this morning,  so, while the babe was still sleeping, I hopped into the bath, & let the inspiration seep back into me - perhaps by osmosis. I realized that a big part of what I was missing was this:

I had a lot on my plate this week from editing to church meetings, & I hadn't stopped to just smell the petunias, so to speak. 

So, I got out of the tub, pruney & too hot, & decided today was going to be a memory-making day. As soon as that little blonde-haired, blue/gray-eyed beauty was awake, I was going to skip into her room & declare that "we are going to make a memory today!"

Well, turns out our memory was going to be her smacking her upper lip into the stage at church & having a horrible bloody nose. It was a rough morning from the moment girlfriend woke up, so ending it with her face-planting onto the stage was just the icing on the cake.

We had to make up for the crappy morning, so we did. After a tasty lunch, we filled the pool & simped. Simpin' is our cure-all, & it cured us today. My girl got pruney & sun-kissed, & then it was time for a nap.

This is her "you know what I mean, right Mama?" face. LOVE it.

I wasn't feeling like we had made up completely for the morning, so after nap, a snack, & some window Markering, it was down to the Lake for some simpin' & diggin'. 

So, now, I sit, listening to Sleeping Beauty playing in the background, the whir of the air conditioner, & the soft thunder every so often, & I am content - my girl in my lap, a day full of good stuff, & a renewed inspiration to write, snap photos, & get out of the house to be intentionally fun.

Stop & smell the petunias this week.

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  1. i want to smell petunias. i love flo flow's and both of you. xo.


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