18 weeks | 2nd Trimester

Well, this week was not what I expected. I never expected to hit 18 weeks & be told that I need to be on bed rest. My back, ass, & legs are so sore from laying or reclining constantly. I'm already sick of it, but I'm trying to be as positive as humanly possible about this new twist. If I start out defeated, the process will be longer & more difficult than is necessary (remind me I said this when, by the end of this post, I'm complaining again about being on bed rest). What does bed rest mean? I am allowed to use the restroom, bathe (you're welcome), go to the kitchen to grab food or water, and I can move to the couch to continue my reclining position. I cannot drive or do anything that is even remotely taxing. My dear husband is treating me like my insides will fall out at any second. He was offended when I told him the hottest thing I've ever witnessed was hearing him do the dishes. Then he mentioned running the dishwasher. It was as if I was in a romantic comedy & the hot guy finally admitted he had feelings for me.

With bed rest came the kindest, most caring messages, calls & visits. Friends are texting me all day asking what they can do to help. Do we need meals? Do I need a Chai? Can we take Maddie? My cousin even texted & asked if she could fly here & stay with me while I sit & scroll through Netflix. The best thing right now is to call me about visiting. Now, I'm usually a hermit unless I know you very well, and by very well, I mean, I will show my unmakeup-ed face, sport my largest Indiana sweatshirt, and maybe not even brush my teeth. I'm a stickler about making sure the house is clean before people come over. I don't have that luxury at this point. No housework means I won't be squeegeeing the windows, I won't be picking the dried up pieces of Play Dough off the floors, and sure I as heck won't be lighting candles & making sure the ambiance is just so. God is trying to force the OCD out of me. 

After all the junk from the last 2 days, today was the appointment I was looking forward to. I'm tired of looking at my cervix - I want to see my babies. We got to see both little guys wiggling like crazy, and making the ultrasound tech work for each image. Both of our boys are perfect! They are active a lot. I feel Baby A a lot, and Baby B has stretched out across my belly button where I can feel him kicking out to the side. I'm guessing J will be able to feel him kick in the next week or so.

Here's this weeks' stats:

How far along? 18 weeks. Halfway there!!
Babies are the size of a? Sweet potato
Total weight gain? 14 lbs. I need to gain more, but I'm not in a good mood about how. Eggs for breakfast - gag. No breads, sweets or happiness. You are at greater risk to develop gestational diabetes in a multiples pregnancy, so I should have kept my stupid mouth shut yesterday because he basically told me all happiness & enjoyable foods are out. And because of my hypochondria, I'm convinced I'm going to get GD. I never do anything moderately. It's always extremes. Maybe I'll work out a happy medium by next week, but for now I'm feeling irritated & cranky. Why can't I just eat my yogurt & berries?! 
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Sleep has suddenly become less enjoyable. I can no longer lay on my back, so I'm flopping from side to side trying to sleep comfortably, but comfort evades me. And now, my hips are throbbing from laying on them constantly. I'm going to end up needing a recliner any day now.
Miss Anything? Normal food. My cereal & yogurt. 
Movement? Yes! They were crazy during the ultrasound today. 
Food cravings? All the stuff that is apparently going to make me go into a diabetic coma if I'm not careful.
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? Just the constant wiggling & flopping over the babies are practicing.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Nope
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody this week. I feel so restricted between being on bed rest & being forced to eat eggs.
Looking forward to? Finding new shows to watch. Say Yes to the Dress is starting to make me go cross-eyed.

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  1. WOOOW! Looking good at 18weeks... Keep safe and eat healthy foods for the twins. I only got 1 in my tummy and was wishing for 2 hahahaa anyway. Goodluck to us! Kathy


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