20 weeks | 2nd Trimester

What a week! I'm exhausted. I've been accused of being quiet on Facebook recently. Just trying to hide my crazy more. You're welcome.

Sunday morning kicked off the week with contractions that landed me in L&D, being monitored for a few hours. I woke Dr. P up at 7am & told me to get my ass into L&D & he would meet me there. Apparently, this is normal at this time during twin pregnancies, but it was very scary & unexpected. Everything looks great, no issues, but it only confirmed Dr. P's hunch that I need to take it insanely slow and painfully low-key. I have multiple witnesses now who have heard him say, "no cooking, no cleaning, no bending over, no lifting, no walking more than 15 minutes in a store, no buying anything in the store {because of the lifting & such}." For those of you who know me well, you know that this is a test for my OCD. I want to pick things up, I want to clean the dishes in the sink, I want to wash our smelly dog, I miss picking up my girl. But alas, I cannot. If it means that 2 healthy little boys will be here in as little as 14 weeks, then I can put my OCD on hold. 

Thank you to all my visitors. You're keeping me sane. Thank you for the LITE iced, SOY chai tea lattes {#highmaintenance}, thank you for those of you making us dinners {MIL has worked her butt off making us some wonderful dinners & freezing them!}, and thank you for praying for us. This has not been the easiest season, but you're getting us through it with your love, care & prayers. 

If you see Josh, pat him on the back. He's a superhero. From doing all the housework to dealing with daily sob fests, he is wonderful, amazing, super. He also deserves a vacation. Away from the crying pregnant lady. 

How far along? 20 weeks
Babies are the size of a? Banana
Total weight gain? 17 lbs. Finally stepped up my game & pounded some food this week!
Maternity clothes? Yes, with some non-maternity. This sweater is not maternity, but today is the last day I can wear it without stretching it out.
Stretch marks? Still no, but they will come. I'm feeling very stretched out already.
Sleep? Meh. I guess I won't be sleeping well for a good long while.
Miss Anything? Same as always - just being able to do my normal 
Movement? Lots & lots!
Food cravings? Still cake. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
Gender? TWO BOYS!
Belly Button In or Out? In.
Rings on or off? On.
Symptoms? MAJOR round ligament pain. The pain is not the typical shooting pain - it's more like I got socked in each ligament & they are just constantly achy. 
Anything making you queasy or sick? nah.
Labor Signs? Unfortunately, yes. First L&D trip on the books.
Happy or Moody most of the time? Moody. So moody. So much crying. I'm sick of my crying.
Looking forward to? Crying less.

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