Love Story: Part 2 (SURPRISE! Guest blogger!)

For my first guest appearance on the blog, I have been asked to continue telling the love story between Andrea and I. I worry that my writing may create some continuity issues with the blog, as I will be severely lacking in sarcasm. So I will crank up the sarcasm and see if I can keep pace with my sassy wife.

When she asked me to write, I stopped to ponder why she had never asked me before. But then I realized I know very little about thread counts, nail polish, and ... women in general. I didn't know much about women when I was 18 either. I certainly didn't know how to progress my relationship with Andrea. That was, until I came up with the idea for the spikes. Yes, the spikes. My spiky haircut with bleached blonde tips was what elevated our relationship. Whether she wanted to or not, I believe she was rendered powerless by their frosty glow. I also had a pretty sweet tan going on from my recent trip to Florida that made me look a little less transparent (how am I doing on the sarcasm?).

Frosted spikes: High school graduation with his Grandma.

Frosted spikes #2.

Frosted spikes #3. Senior class Medieval Times trip 2002.

We started spending a lot more time together again. We did that totally normal thing that most friends do where we just held hands for a few hours. Yeah... not dating. Just holding hands... as friends. So normal.

I was thoroughly confused at this point. But within a few weeks we had finally come to the conclusion that we would begin dating. We we're certainly concerned about all the "told ya so's" that we would inevitably get from our friends and family who knew we would end up together. But we decided to just do the mature thing and tell them to shut up.

Dating was a little bit awkward at first. For example... our first kiss. Andrea likes to contend that I didn't kiss her back. What really happened is that she kissed me so quickly that I never had the chance to get involved. It was ok though. The kissing could only get better from there. And it did (note to our parents, this is also sarcasm. We DID NOT kiss for the first few years).

In time our awkward dating phase had transitioned to a stable romantic relationship. Aside from the mandatory "Friends" marathons I was subjected to, things were going perfectly.

To be continued...

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