The Morning Perspective

Funny how throwing the windows open (well, the blinds because it's still reaching arctic temperatures) & looking over things in the light of day can help to change your perspective. Perhaps I shouldn't blog at night any longer when my back is aching, I'm tired, and the day is winding down. I seem to be quite cranky in the evening. I also seem to lose perspective. And common sense. Throw in an episode of Say Yes to the Dress with a bride whose parents were killed in a car accident the night of her graduation, as she relives it & buys a dress without her mom there to see her, and I'm a frickin' disaster. Perhaps blogging while I can see the snow glistening off the trees in our wide open spaces is the way we should go from here on out.

I may have over exaggerated & taken some things a little too literally about this whole woe-is-me-I-can't-eat-anything-but-eggs episode. Do I have GD? No. Am I likely to get it? No. Should I just calm the frick down? Yes. After essentially losing a 6th grader off my large body, I have learned a proper way to eat. Do I treat myself? Yes. Do I treat myself everyday? Of course not. That's what got me tipping the scale at 220. Do you think I'm going to throw caution to the wind & eat chocolate cake everyday? Obviously not. Do I have to cut out Chai? NOOOOO!! Woohoo!! Treat yo self.

Now, I don't know that my perspective of bed rest has changed. I still hate that, but hey! I'm halfway there. My boys will be here in about 18 weeks. My baby shower is in 9 weeks. My mom, sister & aunt will be here in 9 weeks. My cousin might come visit. All good things. Maybe the day to day is boring, but part of looking ahead is having things to look forward to. Friends coming over, getting the nursery set up, and getting the house ready (from a chair while I order people around) are things that I get to look forward to. They are the things that get me up & at 'em everyday. So, forgive the cranky post last night as perspective was lost in the dark. Today, things seem much brighter...especially since I can still have my Chai once or twice a week.

Happy Thursday!

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