TMI update for the week

Today was my weekly check-in with the ultrasound tech to see how things are holding up. I am sooo thrilled to report that nothing has changed. I walked into that room, expecting to be told that, what little cervix I had left (6mm), was gone. I had some pretty intense contractions over the last week, and I was expecting to hear that they had obliterated the rest of my cervix. Thankfully, it's holding steady. Keeping the contractions under control the last few days & the bed rest are clearly doing something.

For those of you who don't believe me, this is what we're working with. The funnel shouldn't be there. The dotted line between the 2 plus signs is what I had the night I came into the hospital. Cut that in half & that is all I have left keeping these boys in. 

As for the boys, 2 weeks ago they were measuring 1lb 14oz and 1lb 15oz. Today, they are measuring 2lbs 10oz and 2lbs 11oz! Huge jump in growth which was great to hear after being told that a 34 week delivery is unrealistic and a more realistic date is 32 Didn't hit me when the doctor told me, but it hit me as I was sharing the news with today's hospy buddy, Maren. A curse word may or may not have been blurted out when I realized that I am 29 weeks & 2 days, and 32 weeks is quite soon.

Keep the 3 of us in your prayers. It's all happening so much sooner than I had guessed, but I'm clearly not in control. The car search has begun, the clothes are washed & hung up, and we are gearing up for 2 littles to make their debut sooner rather than later! The sooner they get here, the sooner they can use these!

Thank you, Melissa!


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